A Look at ITV's Five-Year Turnaround Plan

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Nov. 19 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Jonathan Ferro takes a look at ITV's five-year turnaround plan. He speaks on Bloomberg Television's "Countdown." (Source: Bloomberg)

Here is another british success story.

Traditional advertising made up three quarters of revenue.

A solid business, but the focus was elsewhere.

Itv did not feature in that space.

The ceo introduced a five-year plan.

We get an update on that, but the aim was to revamp the business, rely less on advertising but take advantage of where growth is, and this is real -- where the real push in the market has been.

You and i have not seen it.

It is big in the u.k. and not just the u.k. but the u.s. as well.

There is a success story on the other side of the atlantic.

Word is growth come from?

It comes from production.

You have seen growth rise by 30%. more work needs to be done, but quite a transition, quite a success story.

Talk to me about the recent battle over sports.

They had exclusive rights.

For sky they showed a lot of games.

For itv it is a single game.

Itv reported the headlights package as well, and if you take this another step forward, put it in context of that war between bp and sky, where is the battleground?

Those prime slots are still on the break in coronation street just after x factor, so while there is a push in content, don't forget tv is not dead.

It really is not.

They are still bringing in a significant amount of money.

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