A Look at Intel Capital's Investment Strategy

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Oct. 18 (Bloomberg) -- Intel Capital President Arvind Sodhani discusses his investment ideas with Cory Johnson on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

Is wearable computing.

Cory johnson is back with more.

Interesting, there track record has been powerful.

This is not stop -- this is not small stuff.

The venture is interesting because you are trying to make money on these investments and we are looking for financial return as well as benefits for corporation.

A lot of technology developments were taking place around us.

We wanted to develop various ecosystems that would help products come out into the ecosystem.

Talk to me about what you are doing to get that to work.

Wearables is a new category.

We recently announced the quark processor.

It is intended to go into wearable devices in the future.

Wearables are particularly interesting in the sense that they generate a lot of data.

Those data -- that data has implication in storage and data centers.

Those are all areas we are interested in investing in.

You brought some props.

I brought some recent investments.

I think that you would think i'm too proud to wear this.

This has a heads up display in it for skiers and snowboarders.

It is a canadian company that has a heads up display inside it.

It gives you all kinds of information, it tells you where your friends are.

This is an actual investment.

Here is another.

This measures blood pressure and a noninvasive way.

Very exciting.

This is the kind of thing you are investing in.

These generate a lot of data.

They measure your vitals and statistics.

It is now able to measure your blood pressure with a noninvasive -- that makes it very exciting.

Does the research that you do carry over to the next one?

Our approach is to build an ecosystem, to build an entire ecosystem all the way to data analytics and shows how your health is doing, how -- how your health is doing, are you a candidate for diabetes, for stroke, over time what will happen is with the collection of all of that data and the ability to predict analytics, i think there will be opportunities to predict health.

I am surprised this is an investment.

I cannot imagine this ultimate market for ski goggles is going to be more than 10 million per year.

Did you size the market like that?

Clicks our belief is that virtually every grown-up and every kid will be wearing a wearable down the road.

I can see that as a likely event.

When you pick what should investments to get into, are you looking at the size of this product and if it will add to all of it happening?

Clicks we look at the entire -- we look at the entire ecosystem.

We will become very successful when it comes out.

I want to talk about your conference next week.

This is intel capital.

It will be in san diego next week.

It is an opportunity for portfolio companies to meet their customers.

It is an opportunity for our industry executive partners to meet exciting new technologies.

It also we are going to be announcing a dozen new investments.

Lowe's companies will be there to present to potential customers.

One development in venture capital, it is a sales job -- a sales job of introducing their company to potential company or that potential customers in a very big way, is that something changing your business as well?

We have been doing that for years.

We have been doing intel capital

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