A Look at Horror Movie Special Effects

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Oct. 31 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg Television's "Lunch Money" Host Adam Johnson reports on horror movie special effects. (Source: Bloomberg)

From ceo salaries to chinese surnames.

Here are your numbers.

In the u.s., we will spend this amount of money on costumes and decorations.

It will be $7 billion total.

Total spending will be 13% less than last year.

Tonight, the streets will be swarming with tricks or traders.

-- trick-or-treaters.

They will be dressed up as their favorite monsters.

We sat down with a man who makes those monsters for a living.

I love what i do.

On" the walking dead," i am the executive producer and design the makeup and creature effects.

They consist of this -- and this -- and this.

In the mid-1980s, that was the heyday of special effects makeup.

There was no variety in that made special effects makeup artist rock stars.

Within two years, we had cornered the market on ani matronic.

We were able to prove ourselves very versatile and we just trade or technicians to be able to move from making an animatronic dolphin to making a zombie.

The way the process in hollywood works is that there are probably seven other shops.

We are all friends.

You all end up adding on the same job.

There are a lot of shops.

There's another company that did all of the "alien versus predator" movies.

Now, people are trying to do movies for less and less money.

They are a lot more willing to pay you less up front to give you more at the end.

It is not a very appetizing proposition.

We have hard costs.

All of our materials cost money out of our pockets.

Working on m misery, i will never forget what rob reiner said.

The air was removed from the movie theater when she raises the sledgehammer.

Everyone in the audience at the same time reacts the exact same way.

She swings that.

Future generations of filmmakers will remember that we had something to do with that effect.

And today's mystery meat.

The most popular halloween costumes, surveillance style.

Number five is zombies.

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