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July 25 (Bloomberg) -- Adam Johnson reports on Google's new Nexus tablet on Bloomberg Television's "Lunch Money." (Source: Bloomberg)

Facebook's biggest rival in advertising may be google but google is also pushing hard on hardware.

Yesterday the company announced its latest tablet and it is getting a lot of buzz.

The plug-in device that connects to your tv and lets you broadcast video and other content from your computer, tablet, and even smartphone.

It announced it in a one-hour event yesterday and we boiled it down to 51 second.

Today's lunch money mash-up.

Between android and chrome, we have a solution for all the computing devices that users have in their lives.

Spurs, let's get started with android.

The power of google in your hands.

The nexus seven, here it is.

Portability, performance, bright display.

The world's highest resolution seven inch tablet.

Area speakers, front and rear facing cameras.

We also doubled the system memory to two gigabytes.

Every app that you can think of is there -- bbc, interest, clipboard.

That this -- design approach simplicity.

The easiest way to bring your favorite online entertainment to your tv.

Simply press this button to play a video on your tv.

Cool stuff.

Netflix and pandora have already partnered with chromecast and google is offering three months of free netflix -- and existing subscribers can also take advantage of the promotion.

Google maps street view team have been using some panoramic cameras to capture incredible scenes from around the world.

Here is a look at some of the amazing places you can visit without ever leaving home.

Amazing stuff.

None of that even existed a couple of years ago.

Here's something google cameras

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