A Look at Boeing's Nightmare Year

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July 23 (Bloomberg) -- BB&T Senior Vice President Carter Leake discusses problems at Boeing with Deirdre Bolton on Bloomberg Television's "Market Makers." (Source: Bloomberg)

Carter, adam johnson telling us earlier a lot of the parts failing in these planes are not made by boeing.

What does this change, if anything, as far as perception goes?

This has been a tough week for the aviation industry as a whole.

Throwing boeing into the mix would be unfair.

In we are on all three cases.

These are all quite frankly speaking more to the robustness of the airplanes and how these events are happening, which appeared not to be at the fault of the airplane itself, but passengers are walking away.

I do not think they could look at it in any way it ties into it.

Unfortunate timing.

So far we have not seen it impact the bottom line.

Make the case.

Digambara take yesterday's case in la guardia.

In the scope of things that can go wrong, this is really a minor.

We can land on two wheels quite often.

I think if you look at the fact that we have a failure of the gear, we do not know what it could be.

It could be a failure of apart.

It could be a host of things, that we do not know.

Again, i know it is unnerving to be on the airplane, but it does speak to the robustness of the airplane itself.

We're going through the time line right now, starting with december, the 787 emergency landing.

Really continuing into july.

How many of them actually speak to save the concerns within the platform in the way these planes are built?

These were related to the battery incidents in has been put to bed.

Regulatory authorities had signed off on it and called it safe.

Since then we have not had any battery incidents.

As far as the most recent incidents, they are in no way related to the battery.

If you are correct that this is an unfortunate series of events, but they're really not correlated and i suspect bad timing.

How bad before the consumer becomes aware and before it could impact the business?

I do not think they are anywhere close.

If you look at airline statistics, and how people choose flights, it will not be on this.

I find it highly unlikely that you will be in a circumstance where people say i think the 737 is an unsafe airplane.

That would not be the take away from la guardia.

Certainly they do not like headlines like they had in heathrow, but early indications are that that was unrelated to boeing.

I think it is tough.

I think they can get through it.

I think we are a ways away from calling safety issues on any of the aircraft involved.

It sounds like you have no vote, no preference on boeing vs.


That is correct.

No conclusion to be drawn in these instances.

We thank you very much.

Joining us, senior vice

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