A Hole on One for American Education

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July 26 (Bloomberg) -- Professional Golfer Phil Mickelson and Exxon Mobil's F.E. Jacobs discuss teaming up to create a development program for teachers with Adam Johnson on Bloomberg Television's "Street Smart." (Source: Bloomberg)

Innovation and is taking a professional golfer along for the ride.

Exxonmobil and phil mickelson are bringing it back to school for u.s. teachers.

The vice president of research and development and phil mickelson join us now.

It down into my pleasure to have you from the new york stock exchange.

For the benefit of the viewers who are not familiar with this partnership, described the mission of the exxonmobil's teacher academy.

Correct the mission is quite simple.

We want to instill in teachers the tools and techniques that they can take into the classroom to excite their students about science, math, engineering, and get more kids to -- excited about that to where they will stay with that from high school into college.

Phil mickelson, a pleasure to have you on the show.

How did you decide to get involved with exxon on this project?

But this is our ninth year doing this.

A week partnered up a while ago.

F-14 thousand scientists and engineers.

We have had a -- they have 14,000 huge scientists and engineers.

We have had a huge falloff in our country.

It for america to stay great and strong, we need to have technological breakthroughs that we have had in the past.

This is something i have been passionate about.

I love science, and i always have even as a kid.

It helps me with my golfing.

It is something that i have always been passionate about.

To partner with exxonmobil in this is great, because we're making a difference.

We have affected quarter of a million young students.

How did the nexus of this project come together?

Learning that there was a need, learning that we were falling off and other countries were beating us and realizing the long-term effects.

And it is the perfect partnership.

Last year, they gave over one- quarter of a billion dollars toward education and over $100 million was in education.

But i'm sure you do a lot on a charitable front.

How is your money allocated in different efforts?

We have a broad range of activities where we spend money.

At the top of the list is the education, science technology, engineering, and now.

Last year, we spent $112 million on charitable donations.

Over a third thought when to stand -- stem.

It is important.

You talk about technology helping your game, how do you specifically designed clubs when you sit down with guys and incorporate technology and mathematical models and all of the staff that these future scientists are going to be studying?

Understanding my lodge characteristics, understanding that i come in from a steeper angle of attack on the back swing of the golf club.

Might three-way driver is not -- is now the part of things more than any other out there.

The only where was able to reach a par-5 heavy into the air was by getting a spin right off of the golf ball.

When the center of gravity goes back, the cd rate goes up.

-- cg rate goes up.

I optimize my lodge characteristics, allowing me to get the two shots that i needed to get into the wind.

I never could have done it without this club.

You said it was the game of your life.

How much of the credit goes to the club?

Certainly, that is a part of it, but i have also spent hours practicing.

[laughter] hours practicing is right.

What do you think is the difference between what is happening in the u.k. and here at home?

What is the difference?

Dealing with failure and using it as a motivator for euronext performance is at important as a part -- for your next performance is an important thing as a golfer professionally.

Certainly, i was devastated because i had come so close and wanted to win so badly in the u.s. open.

But i also won a championship that i did not know if i could win.

I had to alter my game, learn shots that i never grew up hitting, and develop and create a new style of play that was foreign to me.

To be able to accomplish that and overcome these obstacles to win, that is by far the greatest accomplishment of my career.

What did you have to change?

I have to be much more conservative off the tee.

You have to avoid the the bunkers.

I did not even carry a driver.

I'm used treating high in the air with a lot of spin, which is not the way to play there because the ground is so firm and the wind is so strong and the air is so heavy.

You've got to keep the ball low and get it on the ground so that the ground have a greater effect on the ball and the wind.

That is absolutely awesome, to how you describe how you won the british open.

The pga is coming up.

What are you doing after that?

I will be there a couple of days doing some prep work, deciding what clubs that will put in the bag.

And i play next week in ohio and then i come back to participate in the pga.

I will be working hard, because if i were able to add that to it, it would make for an amazing summer.

How are you going to get any of this man's time?

He sounds awfully busy.

He is a hot commodity right now, but i must say that he has taken time out in the past nine years on the teachers' academy.

They are absolutely great partners.

They are committed to it.

They have a passion for it.

It is a high priority for them.

It is extremely high priority for exxonmobil.

This partnership is about as good as it gets.

We are ecstatic to have both

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