A Closer Look at Tech Giant Samsung

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Oct. 25 (Bloomberg) -- On today's "Global Outlook," Bloomberg Television looks that the numbers behind Samsung's success. (Source: Bloomberg)

We take a closer look at samsung, the south korean tech giant.

First of all, samsung means three stars in korean.

The company is 34 years old, originally called samsung electronics manufacturing.

The manufacturing part was later dropped.

Its first product was a black- and-white tv with a catchy name p3202. in 1991, samsung developed its first mobile phone.

Samsung electronics is part of south korea's largest conglomerate, the samsung group, which accounts for a fifth of the entire economy.

It has been listed on the korean stock exchange since 1975 when shares were less than 2000 won apiece.

Over the past year share price has averaged 1.3 million won.

The company has more than $55

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