A 6th Day of Volatility for Asian Markets

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Aug. 22 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's David Ingles discusses what's weighing down the Asian markets with Anna Edwards and Mark Barton on Bloomberg Television's "Countdown." (Source: Bloomberg)

Looking much worse.

The bigger sort of markets they had in japan.

South korea, australia, and asia most of the time takes its you've -- its cue from the wall street session.

Literally, when the markets in the u.s., the latest fed minutes, you go down and look at southeast asia.

You see the real impact, the fed minutes here.

Keep in mind markets in southeast asia have been take recipients coming from the u.s.. one specific market, the philippines, that is where we are seeing very specific markets.

6.5% now at this time.

You have seen seven percent loss for monday.

Catch up there in the philippines.

If you look at currencies, you see the story playing out.

Foreign money sucked out of emerging markets in asia.

The malaysia rain hitting three- year lows.

Right now, down 1.7%. a four-year low, as well.

The aussie dollar, the one bright spot we see across today.

The flat pmi for china came out about 4.5 hours ago.

That showed an expansion for the first time since april.

15.1. china is australia's big export market.

Pretty much all of the 16 estimates for economist surveyed.

Usually more bearish than the numbers.

We are seeing that one in expansion, it bodes well for the aussie dollar.

That is also why we see the shanghai flat.

That to you.


David england's in hong kong.

For more details on the release of the federal reserve minutes, let's ring in jonathan ferro.

I am sure you had very little sleep poring over the details.

You laugh and i know it is true . they did not make our job easy but they did not tell us when they would start tabling -- tapering.

There is broad consensus to depend on the data.

They will look at the stimulus, if there projections come in and ends by the middle of 2014.

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