8.2 Earthquake Rocked Chilean Port City

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April 3 (Bloomberg) -- On today's “First Look,” Bloomberg's Adam Johnson highlights photos that illustrate headlines from around the world on Bloomberg Television's “Bloomberg Surveillance.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Are there people yelling and screaming at each other at?

This is a little more serious.

Talking about destruction from the earthquake.

8.2 for the magnitude in chile.

Starting with this image.

Sunken fishing boats.

The earthquake killed at least six people.

Created a tsunami waves that reached as far as indonesia.

Lex a major off your shock -- lex they had a major aftershock as well overnight.

We take for granted living in new york.

Locals take refuge in the city stadium pronounced ekk.

Forgive me if i get that wrong.

The port city 928,000 people evacuated.

You have fires burning.

We do not see this sort of thing in new york.

Firefighters trying to extinguish a fire on a restaurant.

Strict building codes when it happens interest rates up.

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