Sixty-Three Feet Under the Sea With Fabien Cousteau

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June 6 (Bloomberg) -- Ocean explorer Fabien Cousteau explains what he hopes to accomplish on his month-long expedition and comments on his grandfather Jacques Cousteau's legacy. He speaks with Pimm Fox on Bloomberg Television's "Taking Stock." (Source: Bloomberg)

In florida.

Welcome to "taking stock." is right where you are and what you are doing there.

-- describe where you are and what you are doing.

Can you hear me?

We can hear you.

Tell me where you are and describe what you are doing.

I am here in a laboratory 63 feet down at the bottom of this particular part of the seat, nine miles offshore.

We are here in the a core areas, which is a marine laboratory which allows us to go diving 12 hours a day because we are a low saturation level as opposed to be a recreational diver.

You're working with florida international university.

I was wondering if you could tell me you what you hope to accomplish in the next 31 days.

I am not only working with fiu but also with northeastern university and m.i.t. in order to be able to study things around three issues -- climate change, oxidation around carbon race, and carbon structures including shellfish.

We are looking at predator-pray fear behavior on the reef.

The large animals and their relation to to some of the herbivores in the area.

And pollution issues, things like runoff from fertilizer as well as chemicals that permeate into our ocean system, into our food web, and therefore into our very own bodies.

Can you describe the working conditions inside this aquatic laboratory?

How big is it?

How many people are there with you?

How do you get food and supplies and oxygen?

I am going to show you my diver down there.

There he is.

That is our cinematographer who is taking care of some of the audiovisual.

We are pelvic -- basically self sustained for the most part.

We get oxygen electricity from a buoy topside.

We have astronaut food, because we cook it with hot water or a microwave.

There is no fire a loud because of the accelerator effect of oxygen at this depth.

The general living quarters are about the size of a school bus, 43 feet long by nine feet wide in which we do a lot of our living and daily activities as well as staging up for diving.

Here we are with one of our divers now.

Normally, if i was not speaking with you, i would be out there doing some of the science.

Any chance you have a photograph with your grandfather in this?

It may be a description for people who are not this ash are not only was jacques cousteau.

How did he inspire to do this -- it may be a description for people who are not familiar with jacques cousteau.

How did he inspire you to do this?

He did the next edition in 1963. it was the second of the underwater habitats my grandfather built.

It has an underwater village in which he and his team spent 30 days to do scientific experiments as well as collecting samples and fish outside on the reef so that we would know more about our aquatic frontier.

As far as your grandfather is concerned, can you make any estimation as to how the study of undersea life has changed since he began his work and now that you continue it?

We have explored less than 5% of our ocean to date.

It became readily apparent when we were reporting back on things like flight 370 and the other incidents in recent times and realized how little people knew about -- in fact, we knew nothing about the ocean.

Things have not changed all that much in the last 50 years.

A lot of things have been known since then.

Certainly, there has been a lot of research.

There is so much left to do that things like the aquarius undersea research laboratory are essential for us to know more about the aquatic frontier and why all of us should care.

We are lucky enough to be talking to you via skype.

We are getting video images.

You are currently on the ocean floor off the coast of florida.

How can the rest of the world follow what you are doing?

You will be there for the entire month.

You'll be there for 31 days.

That is right.

As opposed to what my grandfather was able to do with the technology of his time, we are a role to leverage some of the modern-day tools that we taken granted -- take for granted on land and we do them online.

On our website, you can check in with our live cameras and short stories online.

I don't want to end on a down note.

I have to find out the day to day to the arrangements down below the sea -- how do you dispose of the waste?

How do you stay fit?

How do you get along with everybody?

Believe it or not, i feel very cozy and comfortable despite the fact it is a small space.

We get to go outside in our backyard and play every day for so many hours.

At the same time, we have to learn to live with each other in a small environment and that is not always easy.

We have some very real things to deal with, things that we take for granted at home.

We do take care of our ways.

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