43% Of Weekly Visitors on Mobile: VP Nishar

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July 29 (Bloomberg) -- LinkedIn Senior Vice President Deep Nishar discusses the company’s mobile initiatives on “Bloomberg West.” (Source: Bloomberg)


Tell us about these new global profiles and how they are different from the old ones.

It is great to be back on your show, emily.

Always good to talk to you about new and exciting things going on at linkedin.

Specifically in mobile.

As you know today we launched our new mobile profile, it really follows the team of relationships.

A few weeks ago we launched a new product called connected.

We truly believe that relationships matter in a professional life.

One of the ways in which we established those relationships is when we meet new people and we want to know more about them.

So, rather than using the age-old icebreaker of -- how has the weather been?

Really hot today in silicon valley.

Or can you believe the price of gold?

Make a icebreaker more personal.

The new profile makes it easier for the individual to look fabulous, as well as the folks looking at the profile and for the interaction of the relationship to become a lot more personal and intimate.

I know that mobile has been a big focus for you guys.

What kind of growth are you seeing in mobile ursa's desktop and are you satisfied with it?

Mobile has definitely been growing really nicely for us.

As we announced the addenda for last quarter, 43% of our weekly visitors come from mobile devices.

In a couple of days you will see the new numbers in that direction.

I really look at our mobile interaction as a means of enabling professionals and members to work where they want to work.

It is a key part of our strategy.

It is also a great crucible for innovation.

As we roll out things like mobile profiles, we want to integrate some of that goodness, as we learn from user interactions, back into the desktop products as well.

When are we going to see that?

Are we going to see new user profiles on the desktop?


Clearly we are always integrating the things that we learn from one platform onto the other and you can definitely expect that a lot of the goodness we see on one platform to show up on the other.

I will come back on your show and let you know when we integrate those things.

I recently spoke with the cofounder of linkedin and executive chairman, reid hoffman.

I asked in a bit about what keeps them up at night.

What is he thinking about when it comes to the future of linkedin?

Take a listen to what he had to say.

I worry about under delivering on the opportunity.

We have this ability to have people's professional identities as a platform to change the way that they work.

Are we doing well enough against the very long-term opportunity?

All whole bunch of things need to be done over years in order to get there.

So, are we being bold enough?

He went on to say -- are we taking bold enough steps, making big enough decisions, taking risks?

How do you on a daily basis try to do that to make sure that linkedin is capitalizing on the opportunity that you believe is out there?

I think that what reid says really resonates with me and the executive team and we are continuously not just taking bold bets and exploring new avenues to fulfill the promise of what linkedin means to our over 300 members, but we are also looking at new ways of innovating and inventing how that connected world works.

If you think about it as professionals we get very busy and we are too focused on what we are doing and at the same time there is this little bit of insecurity.

Are we doing enough?

Are we presenting ourselves in the best possible way and putting the best foot forward?

Those are parts of the opportunities, promises, and vision that we talk about in this clip.

We work on it every day in order to get closer to accomplishing the vision.

It is also a really long journey.

I believe that truly great companies continue to deliver on really far-reaching visions that go on for decades at a time.

That is really the exciting part of being there.

You have been making a lot of smaller acquisitions.

How much more of this are we going to see?

All of these acquisitions fit in nicely with our product strategies.

Really knowing the people in your network, who you care about and how they showed up in the news, that is a great way to form relationships with them.

Similar to the mobile profile that we had.

I was looking at it before the show, turns out you went to the same high school that my daughter went to summer camp at a couple of years ago.


In hawaii?


What are the odds?


That is why these other acquisitions are a part of how we can really further that goal and vision of enabling the professional to be the best of what they are and help them grow and nurture their relationship connections?

You guys do have six apps, total, i believe, right now.

Why have so many?

Why not just focus on one?

We definitely have the flagship app.

We want to make sure that for our members we are there with the right kind of intimate experience for them throughout the day and throughout their career.

Sort of like this, when you have young children you always have the opportunity to go to a big ox store to do your shopping, but once in a while you want to go to gap kids or gymboree and there are reasons you choose different stores.

Similarly, a job search engine could use a flagship app, but when they are intensely in the job searching mode we believe that giving them a dedicated application, like we just launched a few weeks ago, is one of the better ways to go.

There are dozens of these.

We have a handful, but we want to make sure the week address the key data points and user experiences of our members.

Ok, the linkedin senior vice president, thank you as always

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