4 World Trade Center to Open With 40% Vacancy

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Nov. 12 (Bloomberg) -- On today's "The Roundup," Trish Regan, Matt Miller, Cristina Alesci, Julie Hyman and Olivia Sterns wrap up the day’s top market stories on Bloomberg Television's "Street Smart." (Source: Bloomberg)

Tomorrow's open.

They are all poised to nearly triple their investment.

America prices the initial public offering tonight and the firms lost the hotel chain out of bankruptcy three years ago.

Travelers on a tight budget are familiar with the brand.

Expect to raise 590 $3 million in the share sale.

The company is offering 28 point 5 million shares for $18 to $21 a share.

Go ahead.

They tout the fact that they have large margins because the guests don't use many of the services, they don't provide many services.

The costs are quite low to keep the guests coming back because there is limited housekeeping, no room service.

These are guys that want to keep the cost low.

On the other hand, they want to attract the shorter term stay guest because they can charge more money.

Economics are better in the extended-stay model and competition is lower because a lot of guys wanted the hotel moguls.

Think about all of the ipos.

It has been increasing in number.

The market wants to take advantage of it.

We have seen the pace heat up as we go year after year.

Blackstone is not just tripling their money, they did this before.

They bought and sold extended- stay going into the crisis.

If i want to sleep somewhere with no housekeeping and no room service, i will stay at home.

The idea is that somebody has to be there.

Maybe working on a project or they have to be there for an extended stay.

Likely for work.

I would still rather go with the hyatt or hilton.

Liberty global in talks with intel's online pay-tv service.

They are still developing the advanced set-top box and is looking for a partner to help make big investments in programming.

Liberty global is the european operator and used the intel system outside of the u.s.. they have been looking at this for a long time.

They said they would yell it out this -- roll it out this year.

Jo malone -- john malone -- the darth vader of cable -- he has some leverage and some thinking here is that you can get content easier when you have the leverage of content provided already.

Right now, virgin is having a tough time in europe.

This is an effort to basically blunt the competitors in europe.

We are looking for him to be aggressive here as well.

He took a majority investment -- i don't remember if it is a minority or majority investment.

Kind of being ahead of where we are in the u.s., rolling out these cable programming offerings.

I know that they offer access to premium sports to their broadband subscribers.

And no longer connected to richard branson.

The complex is taking another step to restore hundreds of thousands of square feet, millions of square feet in lower manhattan.

The world trade center is set to open tomorrow.

It is the first real test about how quickly big business will move back to the area.

The two big tennis authorities, they have the current lease of the building.

Silverstein has maintained it, opened it, and we get people to come and.

Silverstein was the only tenant and it is at full capacity.

It took a couple years for them to get to full capacity.

You will have a lot of capacity coming online in a short time because you have for world trade opening up now, one world trade will be opening in january.

It depends on how you define discounts.

They are state-of-the-art buildings.

It is the freedom tower.

It is not technically called the freedom tower.


You want to have an office there, there is a lot of cachet for having an office there.

One million square feet is the size of the chrysler building.

It are people reluctant at all because of the history?

I'm more worried about the traffic in the neighborhood.

It is unclear if it is the concern or the legacy.

Security will be very tight.

We have had private sector lessers that have been interested in.

Good use of the word "lessor." ashley madison is facing legal woes.

Individuals looking for romantic affairs outside of their marriage facing a new lawsuit.

A woman claims she was hired to write profiles for the brazilian version of the site to give the appearance the site had more women for the mail users to connect with.

The lawsuit does not claim the job was unethical or illegal, the plaintiff is seeking compensation for the injuries she incurred from all of that typing.

I literally had no idea that they did this.

That it is fake or that the website exists?

I know the website exists.

I have never been on it.

But that they would do that, make up fake profiles, that is just horrible.

Back in july, they said they had seen a spike in the mail users because they rolled out a mobile app.

That is your close, everyone.

Here is what is next on street smart.

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