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Dec. 02 (Bloomberg) -- Jeff Bezos, Chairman and CEO of Amazon.com presents the company's plans for drone delivery to Charlie Rose on Bloomberg Television's "Surveillance.” (Source: Bloomberg)

That book i bought, i ordered partial differential equations, that will be delivered by drone.

This is "bloomberg surveillance," live from new york.

It is monday, december second.

Joining me, scarlet fu and cristina alesci.

The morning.

Good morning.

I hardly survived for days without surveillance.

I was reading behavioral economics to get a fix.

I had the same withdrawal symptoms.

Only for a brief over the weekend, chinese manufacturing growth the estimate in the the u.s.. better economic news out of europe, sweden beat expectations for the pmi.

In terms of economic data.

To get iso manufacturing and construction spending.

In the retail world, it is retail monday.

Now comes the day to order stuff on amazon.

To me, it is so dated.

It already took place thursday and friday.

Doing a data check here.

Helton as well.

-- hilton as wel.

L. one of the biggest real estate ipos ever.

We will see how investors react to the prophet.

-- react to this as well.

A deal that was badly wounded to the financial crisis.

Quite a comeback story.

Coming back from a long weekend.

Equities, bonds, currencies, commodities.

10-year yield is higher.

Euro goes nowhere.

Other currencies move.

Nymex goes nowhere.

Second screen am a currency- based.

Stronger euro.

1.63. yen continues to weaken.

Old is simply south.

-- gold is simply south.

Talking about that in a moment here.

We scoured the papers.

Coming up on starting with the white house and dramatic news for the white house website.

States have been trying to bypass sites to sign them up.

Starting with eager cook.

250,000. it were expecting 250,000 or.

Still a little bit short.

Retail spending over thanksgiving fell for the first time in at least seven years.

The luminary estimates from the national retail federation show it fell almost three percent at $57 billion.

That is the macro number.

Sales spike thursday.

Black ride take people back off a little bit and went home.

Walking around midtown what did you see?

I avoided the stores.

I thought it was quiet.

Women's bluejeans, let me tell you, when did they hit the $400 mark?

Y? , is new to the world of premium denim.

But they feel better.

They do.

They feel better.

We will talk about apple becoming the big winner in the holiday season.

Japanese officials plan to discuss china's news air defense zone.

Claims disputed territory that japan has controlled for years.

Joe biden will arrive tuesday.

The u.s. has artie from b-52's through the zone.

This covers zone that both china and japan have claims for years.

-- has already flwnown b-52's through the zone.

Breaking news now.

Going to washington and peter cook.

You have been talking about the improvements with the health care website.

Now we have a new number for you as well.

The sign-ups in the month of november, one hundred thousand at the federal website.

A fourfold increase in what we saw the prior month and october.

26,000 men.

Another number showing improvement in the website.

It is signs of improvement.

Certainly a number democrats will seize on here in washington.

100,000 a month of november just from the federal website, not the state website.

And you pull yourself away from the washington redskins loss and talk to people within washington, is the best or are moving in the right direction cap go will they get this big stick?

No question it is moving in the right direction but still a long way to go.

Plenty of opportunities for things to go wrong with the website.

Challenges between now and december 23. that is the deadline if they want coverage on january 1. this is peak season and not clear they can handle it.

More than 50,000 people at any particular time.

The other big challenges the backend.

60% of the website deals with consumer surfing for coverage and picking a plan.

The backend is the information that makes it to insurers and the government as well.

We are also watching budget negotiations with the committee that has been assembled to get to a resolution.

Not watching much there, i can assure you.

Lex at incentive do either side have to compromise?

No one wants to see another government shutdown.

That is the looming threat.

They have to reach a deal by december 13. no immediate repercussions if they do not.

The big challenge is the spending level for this fiscal year and perhaps the next.

A lot of sick restrooms a will at minimum come up with that.

Patty murray coming back.

-- a lot of suggestions they will at minimum come up with that.

A our meeting.

They are making some progress, but a smaller deal at best.

Not talking at grand bargain, not even a medium-sized bargain.

Something we will continue to watch.

Breaking news out of hilton.

Hilton has launched its ipo, which means the roadshow will kick off.

This will be a big eel for real estate investors who are very hungry to get returns off of the uptake of occupancy rates at hotels.

We knew the significance of facebook and morgan stanley.

What does this signify?

They are just getting a piece of it.

Hilton is owned by blackstone.

They want to make sure they are getting a piece of the action.

Lex $18-20 one dollars per share.

Surprising to see this after november.

What a treat.

Cohort -- cofounder of cornerstone macro.

Joining her this morning, part of 13. leaving the portfolio strategy efforts.

Thrilled to have both of you here to get smarter about 2014. you do not agree with the new normal thesis.

I get the sense you are dramatically more optimistic.

When it comes to the u.s., i am deathly more optimistic.

Particularly for 2014, but definitely the outlining years.

A lot less fiscal drag.

This year the economy was two percentage points of gdp.

Does that lead into investment, which leads to job growth?

I am very optimistic on capital spending.

Report -- corporate profits very strong.

Employment improving significantly.

I think it moves up from here.

Lex we will talk about this later.

-- we will talk about this later.

Even for people that have missed the bull market, they can still acquire equities?


The rally this year, no one loves it.

This is a market that has been driven by pe.

It feels uncomfortable to everybody.

We were earned that -- in an earnings driven market for almost a decade.

This year the earnings are lackluster.

Pes go up when inflation goes down.

Inflation creates income in the u.s. when it goes down.

We think it has a ways to go.

You bring up employment.

Is anyone looking at the quality of the employment?

How many people are getting paid?

This was the most severe recession we have had.

I think the community has to stop looking backward and forward.

There are still a lot of weakness from a job perspective, but going forward is what i am excited about.

Private fleming, we had a record high within the next six months.

It will be a long, slow recovery in the job market.

Companies are cautious.

That increases the idea of a sustained recovery.

What a treat.

Nancy lazard joins us.

Amazon ceo jeff reseau's speaking to charlie rose last night.

-- jeff bezos.

Talking about a drowned amazon is testing to deliver your latest a quarter ipad.

Lex let me show you something.

These are effectively drowns, but no reason they cannot be used as delivery vehicles.

Let me show you how it works.

We're talking about delivery.

There is an item going into the vehicle.

I know this looks like science fiction.

It is not.

. this is still early.

Years away.

It drops the package.

We can do half hour delivery.

We can carry objects up to five pounds, which covers 86% of the items we deliver.

I am sorry.

Pheasant hunters in the field.

I know someone will run over it on the driveway or street.

A gift for burglars.

Makes the balcony in new york city more valuable.

Last year amazon sold more than 26 million on cyber monday.

Maybe in five years this will be our reality.

Cory johnson will be live inside the phoenix area fulfillment center later today.

He will bring you an inside look at the cyber monday operation.

It is great.

Talking about technological progress, who would have thought that?

It is like five years away.

The fda will have to approve it.


smith at fedex did not sleep last night.

We are speaking with someone at fedex later on in the program.

It is the twitter question of the day, do you want a drone to land on your balcony?

Tweet us.

? good morning, everyone.

Coming up, founder and chief executive officer, chris birch -- burch.

"int the loop" at 8:00. this is bloomberg " surveillance." i am tom keene.

Keeping track of the winners and losers in retail.

The latest data suggest that apple may have a leg up on android when it comes to purchases on mobile devices.

Scarlet fu has more.

What it comes down to is the iowa still livers more bang for the box.

There is a huge gap in usage between the main platforms.

The focus on the market share, which everyone talks about android misses the bigger picture about how the platforms are used.

It has huge repercussions for families that develop the apps and are counting on this to drive sales.

More people execute a purchase on tablets than iphones or mobile phones.

I am much more comfortable on the tablet.

A bigger screen.

The chart in terms of profit generation is great.

This was over the weekend.

Not one, but two sources saying apple totally -- [inaudible] the new data shows customers using the platform for ios make it four times as many purchases than those with android vices.

Franc½oise with us.

This is about profit and about cash generation.

Is that still a theme for next year.

Corporations making a lot of cash.

It always is.

A tremendous amount of demand for the cash to be returned in the form of dividends.

The reason for that is for 10 plus years you have the multiple of the market doing this.

A market that was flat.

In a flat market dividends become 100% of the total returns.

People became addict did to dividends.

I think this year if you look at the contribution of the dividends, it is seven percent.

Went from 100% to seven percent.

No one cared about dividends.

If anything, rewarded when you reinvested in your company.

The shift from equities over to investment, what will trigger that?

Demand for new investment in the united states.

Native factoring companies moving back to the united states . plus, the energy renaissance.

It totally gives us a leg up.

Optimism on a monday morning.

We need that.

The apple store i thought was extraordinary.

But people overlook the fact that the iphone, the guts changed a lot but the actual unit look pretty much the same.

They had a chip that speeds up everything.

That's really maker research in terms of making payments easier.

I thought we emphasize the chip and the camera.

I see a totally different feel for instagram.

The pictures just click.

Everything is clearer.

It is not meet.

It is the iphone 5 s. we're not done talking about the impact.

We will have a lot more coming up on bloomberg television.

In the next hour we will speak to the global head of retail on getting the cyber shopping data as soon as possible.

That is coming up in the next hour.

? good morning, everyone.

" bloomberg surveillance." here is scarlet fu.

She slept, she drank, she ate.

Top headlines.

Investigators are searching for details on why the new york mature train derailed yesterday.

Or people were killed and 63 people injured when it left the trail -- the train tracks.

It has promised to snarl the commute for thousands of writers . in the ukraine, anti--- government or test growth.

Calling for a new government after the president decided to strengthen ties with russia.

Demonstrators have been blocking official buildings and calling for a nationwide strike.

At the box office, catching fire hanging onto the top spot over the holiday weekend.

Took in 100 $10 million in ticket sales for lions gate entertainment.

So far $573 million in box office receipts.

Those are your top headlines.

Lex people i talk to say it actually works.

Lex i have to read the book first.

We will see.

Did you read all volumes of game of thrones?

I did not.

My siblings did.

Starting with minimum wage.

Minimum wages do not create entitlement programs or restore the debate about the value of government.

They are designed to show true independence for all.

This is very interesting in the context of corporate earnings.

Everyone cheers when corporations rein in cost.

Then they lament the fact that we have low consumer confidence and low consumer spending.

Nancy lazard with us.

I thought this was a deeply flawed statement.

This totally goes against what the united states stands for.

One reason we are getting more investment is because companies can control costs.

They cannot do that in countries like china or brazil.

In the united states you can control your labor costs.

I am very optimistic on middle to low income jobs.

We do not need increased recreation.

Nancy lazard pushing back.

The dow is at 16,000. unemployment still above seven percent.

What will happen next year?

A look at 2014 market.

? good morning, everyone.

Washington looking at better health care.

According to the white house over the weekend things improved.

The deficit conference, budget conference on the horizon as washington scares out.

A redskins loss.

This is bloomberg surveillance.

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