3 Rare Items Up for Auction at Christie's This Week

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Sept. 23 (Bloomberg) Christie's Andrew Holter takes a look at some of the rare items up for auction this week. He speaks with Pimm Fox on Bloomberg Television's "Taking Stock." (Source: Bloomberg)

Fitness, we were talking about fitness from australia, fitness for your body.

And staying power.

You have to have the staying power to make things happen.

This is got staying power for how many years and this is still very expensive stuff.

Tell us about the things you brought.

Abraham lincoln's plate.

We can start with abraham lincoln's plate.

Ordered by mary todd lincoln in 1861. the first ladies usually picked out the porcelain patterns and then subsequently the next three presidents chose to use this pattern.

Very rare plate.

It is estimated at $12,000 each.

As you know, lincoln is one of the most popular presidents.

We expect this to garner quite a bit of interest.

Is this the kind of thing that comes from private collection?

How does this end up outside the white house?

Typically when the new patterns were ordered, back in the day, things were sold off.

This is coming from a private collector.

Someone i describe as a patriot.

Loved all things presidential.

Including the clock behind us create behind us.

The clock is a french made clock made circa 1815. as you can tell, it depicts george washington.

It is based off the painting of john trumbull made with washington at the battle of princeton.

At the time, george washington was a rock star.

Everyone wanted a piece of him.

He made george clooney look like a small fry.

This was made in france for the american market.

There were lots of stores and this was based off of printing -- a painting made by john trumbull.

It was made into buganda has this great inscription -- it was made in dubuque and has this great inscription.

It has this evil depicting the new nation.

There was a great sense of american pride.

Was this considered a highly valuable object when it was sold or was this made for larger commercial market?

It would has -- it was considered a highly valuable object.

It came into models.

There is 19 out of the size.

Very expensive but made again for someone that wanted to celebrate the new nation.

We have this estimated at $100,000 to $150,000 and hope that proves to be a conservative number.

In him like an late from the state -- abraham lincoln plate from the state service.

This is $150,000. did you just fall in love with americana?

What is your background to connect you with these things?

I love american history.

I did go to school for that but i was following a passion and decided early on that i had to follow my heart.

And i went to school and i just love it.

What draws collectors to this is our history and our connection with our past.

This was actually owned and used i president abraham lincoln.

-- i resident abraham lincoln.


we don't know who the owner was.

If it was someone of great import that would increase the value by a multiple of -- tough to say.

It would make it more valuable.

One of the other pieces is the chair, tell us about this.

A special chair.


It is a queen anne chair from philadelphia.

It is the apex of queen anne style in philadelphia.

There was a gentleman named william hogarth who used to draw to make this -- these drawings.

He followed s-curves.

It is soaker gracias, it follows that to a tee.

It was made about 17421750. -- 1740 to 1750.

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