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March 28 (Bloomberg) -- Chip Paucek, co-founder of 2U and former CEO of Hooked on Phonics, and Jeremy Johnson, co-founder of 2U, discuss the benefits of 2U's online education program with Carol Massar on Bloomberg Television's "Taking Stock." (Source: Bloomberg)

And universities.

Great schools like berkeley, georgetown, usc -- online is the key part.

Our approach is quite different.

Every student is in the front row.

Live instruction with small class sizes.

Different from online -- one of the biggest challenges is the preconceived notions of online learning are pretty bad.

In the case of these programs, students are front and center.

We like to think of it as no bad row -- no back row.

Every student is front and center with that professor.

What kind of responses are you getting?

From institutions around the country, it has been incredible.

When we started six years ago, there was concern about whether you could create an online experience that could rival door surpassed and on campus experience.

We have seen a growing acceptance of online as a medium for high-quality academic experience.

This is a cloud-based system?

For the student and the administrator and professor and we bundle that with a series of services.

You are giving students an opportunity to be equal to the campus.

The key behind 2u -- could you get the will of a great institution to make students equal to the campus students?

Same degrees.

What is the cost?

We believe same quality, same professors, same outcomes.

Therefore, same cost.

The same rights and responsibilities that you would have as a campus student.

We help our the solution, we are not the university.

The students are becoming real members.

They are immersed in the community.

That is kind of crucial.

Huge part of the experience and benefits of going to a great school is immersing yourself in that community.

Students at the online program go to graduation and equal volumes as the campus program.

How long have you guys been doing this?

Six years.

We have mostly graduate programs.

Shorter programs.

For the first time ever, you do not have to quit your job and pick up your life.

Talk to us about going public . we have seen a flurry of companies going public.

Did you guys feel pressure to do it at this juncture?

People are concerned about what the fed is going to do.

For us, going public is a pretty incredible day.

You are exhausted, aren't you?

You have been up since when?

I got about 2.5 hours sleep last night.

Today is the beginning.

We have been doing it six years, but this is a long journey and we are in the second inning.

Your background is education, right?

Hook shot phonics, you ran that company.

-- hooked on phonics, you ran that company.

The people in the company common everyday to change peoples lives and that some spiffy -- that sounds pithy, but outcomes do matter.

My team comes to work believing that.

Today was a pretty big celebration about those outcomes.

We have no ax to grind with any other companies.

Done this way, it is exceptional.

The quality is excellent.

Much more akin to a campus program.

The reality is, students really win in this approach.

10,000 students, talk to me about the schools you are in.

Over the next 12 months, we will be in schools like berkeley, usc, berkeley.

We care about entirely outcomes.

Our goal is not pure growth for numbers.

Where we focus is how can we create an online experience that rivals or surpasses an off-line experience?

That sounds great for your now publicly held company.

Investors want to see returns.

If you drive the right outcome for the students, everything else works out.

That is what education is about.

If you attended grade school in one of these programs -- attend a great school in one of these programs, you really do have the right outcome.

This program, this might make sense and it may cost a little bit less, but it doesn't. what is pretty awesome is that for the first time ever, you do not have to quit your job and pick up your life and move to attended graduate school.

Your opportunity costs -- we have students in our programs that are pretty incredible.

You have a shell oil engineer that spent six months of his year on an oil rig in the middle of the gulf of mexico.

You have a disney channel actress.

These are people they cannot quit their job to go to grad school, but want the opportunity.

Are there any accommodations made?

Why shouldn't the great american degree be more flexible?

It should fit into your life and that is the way these work.

The students take it seriously.

Congratulations, i know it has been a busy day.

I knew you were tired.

Coming up next, looking to get last-minute reservations to top restaurants and get vip treatment?

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