Wojcicki: How 23andMe Disrupts Health Care With DNA

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Nov. 26 (Bloomberg) -- Anne Wojcicki, CEO & co-founder at 23andMe, discusses the company’s battle with the FDA over their $99 DNA testing product and the company’s plans for growth using big data. She speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “Market Makers.”

Surface of all this genetic knowledge.

I think we have 11 or 14 reports.

It is only going to continue to increase, the amount of knowledge we have.

We do not diagnose disease.

We cannot say you have a raw steak cancer or a heart attack.

What i can tell you is that you have a risk marker and you are a higher risk for a certain type of disease.

We can give you that information.

We can give you information if you're thinking of having children.

You are a carrier or cystic fibrosis.

If you and your partner have it any have children, your children may develop that disease.

Those are the things we are giving back to our customers.

Quite how do you make money?

Off selling the kits.

$99. it is not the long-term goal.

It is about creating a database of information that i think will become incredibly valuable for academics and pharma companies.

Being able to have this massive database of individuals in real time will be a massive asset for society.

Whacks at what point does the dataset become valuable?

We launched it last year.

We will hit a million people in the first quarter of next year.

With one million people, you start to really become disruptive.

You have so much data.

It is the largest dataset.

You have all these people running around town asking their positions -- physicians about their genome.

Two next arts become part of the mainstream.

-- it starts to become part of the mainstream.

I think you need tens of millions.

Disruptive why?

Who is the data valuable to?

If you walk into a walmart and they have your shopping history, they can target specific goods that are of interest to you.

A 17-year-old girl they didn't fight as being pregnant based on her shopping history.

-- identified as being pregnant based on her shopping history.

Let's use that for your preventative health.

Based on your behavior, you are likely to be diabetic or have heart disease within the next five years.

You need to make these changes.

That is the direction we are going.

Really trying to make that meaningful for you.

Reselling the data already?

Whack we are working on mining the data.

We have a study going.

We're trying to find individuals who are long-term responders.

We are really trying to do things with the consumer in mind.

What is it you would want us to try to find?

I look at anybody who is sick.

I just want to know if my family is at risk and how i can be healthier.

You have to be careful.

There is clearly a risk of somebody saying how dare he ask me that question.

You can say no.

What happens if you get hacked?

The engineers come from the banking world.

There's a number of things that you can learn.

For instance, we keep all of your identifying information separate from your genetic information.

They are stored in separate databases.

There are a number of things we can learn from the banking world.

A bank account will probably be more in stir -- interesting.

Isn't harder to reassure people about security of information?

People are so frustrated with hip and being treated like a human subject that people are saying screw it, i want my information out there.

I want to do good.

Right now we have massively tipped the balance in health care where you have so many privacy protections that you have really hurt research and your care.

We enable people to share.

Does obamacare share -- affect your business?

It has a big impact.

The week after obama was reelected, we have groups coming in and saying we used to make money out being able to figure out which populations to work with and not work with.

We had to cover everyone.

We do not know how to keep people healthy.

We need as much up as we can.

I think that is where the fact that everyone has to be covered makes people think again about prevention.

What happens to you and the company if they cannot turn a profit?

I will be devastated and sad.

As a company, i'm tremendously optimistic about what we can do.

I think there is a real path for getting information out into the mainstream consumer and health care world.

We are going to revolutionize the way we approach drug recovery.

How long are you giving yourself or your backers?

One of my good rinse when someone asked him when he exited, i exit at death.

When i die, i would no longer do this.

Until then, this is my passion.

I reached out yesterday asking for an explanation of

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