Apple Entering 'Year of Innovation' in 2014: White

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July 23 (Bloomberg) -- Topeka Capital Markets' Brian White discusses what lies ahead for Apple and previews the company's earnings with Emily Chang on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

We took down the numbers and our mac numbers.

We take a look at the september quarter, there is some uncertainty over the exact time of some of the new iphone releases.

This is not exactly clear when these will be released.

It has a big impact.

He stood down our iphone numbers for the september quarter.

They will not have a lunch until october.

We are looking for just over seven dollars a share.

Gene munster had similar things to say about declining ipad uses.

There is a new study showing that the usage hit 84% of the north american tablet market.

How do we square those numbers?

It certainly sounds like it is doing very well.

You have a big installed base of users.

The web traffic percentage is very high.

I think expectations for the september quarter's got a head of this.

What are you working for in terms of new products?

The big issue has been the high-end smartphone market hit a wall.

People are extrapolating that to lack of innovation.

I think nothing more could be true.

I think the best days we will see in the future for apple.

Fiscal 2013 was a horrible year.

2014 will be a year of innovation.

We have a lower-priced iphone clearly on the way.

We're going to have an ipad refresh.

We also have big innovations like iwatch.

Wearable devices is a totally new area for apple.

I still mean we are in the early stages of what apple could become.

You think we will see this next year?

I would be surprised if we do not see both of those by the end of the calendar 2014. i've been hearing jobs got the plans.

It sounds like they could be farther away than we initially thought.

It sounds like they're in the the very early stages of figuring out a business model.

We started hearing apple was interested in this market in mid-2010. the big issue has been wrapping up the content and cable companies.

It is going to be up to apple.

The hardware could come out.

It is up to apple how much content they can wrap up by the time this comes out.

If they want to come up with that everything wrapped up, it is possible.

It is still a useful device.

It could take longer.

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