2 American Ebola Victims May Be Flown Home

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Aug. 1 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg “Lunch Money” Host Adam Johnson updates the latest news on the Ebola outbreak n West Africa. (Source: Bloomberg)

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Africa struggling to contain the worst ever ebola outbreak ever.

Peace corps volunteers leaving.

Telling all those not essential that they should leave.

Two doctors were infected.

One will be transferred under quarantines to atlanta's hospital in over -- over the next several days.

This marks the first time it has ever been on u.s. soil.

U.s. health officials had told americans not to visit liberia, serial lyon and new guinea.

Over 700 people have died.

Here is a doctor with the center for disease control.

The cdc change the level of alert to a level three warning, which suggests people avoid all nonessential travel to the three affected countries.

The risk to travelers is from the infectious disease and also from the unstable security situation that has resulted in these countries because of the anxiety and unrest related to the response of the outbreak.

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