VIPs Only: Inside the Obama-Hollande State Dinner

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Feb. 12 (Bloomberg) -- Julianna Goldman reports on the first state dinner for a French president since 1996. She speaks on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg Surveillance." (Source: Bloomberg)

Last night's soiree at -- and is now with a hangover after taking seven american wines.

From the chair that you sat in, what was the view?

It was really all choreographed beautifully.

You walk in, tom, and there is a receiving line where you are introduced.

That is the video you are just showing of julia louis-drefyfus and bradley cooper walking through.

Your little paparazzi, red carpet moment.

Then some mingling, or durst, drinks, and another receiving line to ms.

-- mainly, hors d'oeuvres, drinks, another receiving line to meet president obama the first lady.

Then they took a pretty short walk -- pretty short drive over to that beautiful tent, which was monet-inspired.

You fall -- beautiful pastels.

Has this event been a success for the white house and a success for the president of france?

It certainly seemed like it was successful last night.

At the end of the night, everyone was saying goodbye, and hollande came out and said, "i thought i was coming here for a serious meeting and intense discussions and i found a dance club." he seemed to have a nice time.

Everyone but there haired down -- everyone let their hair down.

Mary j. blige was awesome entertainment.

These stated is can cost $500,000 good -- these status can cost $500,000. most expenses was for the prime minister of india in 2009. giulia -- julianna, we know that it included redeye for the main course and caviar as a starter.

What did you think of the meal?

I thinking was delicious could i did not taste the ribeye because i'm not a mediator, but there was delicious soup as the starter, and it was kind of funny, scarlet, because they served a bowl with a much of potatoes and caviar.

Senior diplomats and every one starts eating it, saying, "delicious, and then they poured the soup.

Everybody made the faux pas of eating the soup before we realized.

Quel horror, as they say.

You can't take us anywhere.

I'm curious, this was only the seventh state dinner that president obama has hosted.

President reagan hosted 35. why so -- why isn't he doing more?

What is the issue here?

If you also look, as you can see in that full-screen, george w. bush also posted closer to the number of state dinners that president obama has hosted.

I think also some of this for president obama has to do with the fact that this has been the last several years, it has been tough economic times, budget constraints.

It is kind of unseemly to be hosting these grand, lavish kinds of affairs.

It is interesting to note that they did for the first time in several state dinners last night list the wines they were serving, and they were all american wines and relatively inexpensive.

I think the highest bottle was $40, $50. in the past they have been much more expensive and why has did not want to disclose the cost

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