14M, 15M People Now Have Health Insurance: Plouffe

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April 1 (Bloomberg) -- New York University Stern Business School Clinical Professor of Marketing Scott Galloway and Bloomberg Contributing Editor David Plouffe discuss U.S. healthcare on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.” (Source: Bloomberg)

. huge vindication for the administration yesterday.

They dug a big hole and dug out of it.

The 7 million number is good.

It is probably -- people went directly.

Republicans had a miserable day yesterday.

Why is there such a divide between republicans and democrats if we are all getting the same syringe and same thermometer?

The republicans aren't eager for my advice.

Why are they so upset?

You will see republican saying, it's not really 7 million.

How many of those are paid?

Hey, we're glad people are getting health care.

We think there is a better way to do it and we have some ideas.

That would be the smarter approach.

Will we see higher premiums because of the strategy?

Republican saying this is a misallocation -- the rich paying for the poor.

They're comfortable so far with the mix.

I think next year, you will see more young people coming in.

As obama cares enrollment has now ended and people can look ahead to actually going to the doctor and having it covered by insurance, what does the administration need to do to make sure they reform the law?

This will go down as one of the better branding efforts in recent history.

Only obama can go on between two ferns and pull it off and get young people signing up.

Can you imagine if a past president tried to act that: to those kinds of risks?

It was posted be doa and it didn't happen.

It is here to stay.

Better work.

The fact that we now have something -- another example of young people subsidizing the old people.

That is the story we have to talk about.

In terms of retirement benefits and medicare.

So this goes the other way as well.

The government makes money off of -- when people sign up for obama care and they are gone, they are paying more than they're getting and services.

So we can subsidize all people who sign up for obama care.

Is a graduate student, we will come back on this.

He just got a cover letter with a monthly premium that is half of their free cash for the month.

I would argue the system still doesn't work.

A lot of people who pay that premium would agree with that.

It's going to be an expensive price.

We need to talk more about this.

We will do that after the break.

General motors -- company said it's recalling an additional 1.3 million cars.


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