12 Days of Bitcoin: Where Can Matt Use Bitcoin?

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Dec. 19 (Bloomberg) -- Matt Miller reports on where in the world bitcoin can be used. He speaks on Bloomberg Television's "In The Loop." (Source: Bloomberg)

What have you got from us, matt miller?

I have been using it on the weekends.

For the purposes of programming, and folk business days of bitcoin.

I have been fascinated by all the regulation around bitcoin.

It has really heated up the last couple of days with the bodyslam that china put on the currency yesterday.

When i bought it, we were just over 800. we had come down from 1200. one person probably paid $1200 for it and then we came back down.

Back up to 1000 for a moment.

Last night, at some point, bitcoin traded for $339. so, it has been a wild ride.

I have done a lot of things of this.

Including buying a plane ticket to spain.

I was thinking yesterday -- crexendo 300 and 1200. i was thinking, where can i go over christmas?

I will take some time off.

I decided to pick out a map and look to see where i could spend my good point.

China is an obvious ways where it will be terribly difficult here not only did they say that they cannot take it anymore, but they gathered up in some dingy room, a whole bunch of third- party companies that help you pay with bitcoin, and they said, do not ever do that again.

When they say that, you probably listen closely.

You cannot spend any there.

I put this map together of the places in green where you can and it is accepted, in red, where definitely do not go, and yellow is find of on the right is.

Summit what is going on in norway and denver and germany.

I had to europe and much every time i have vacation i'm. him of my country's to go, like dermody, denmark norway, they are kind of undecided.

Is that oktoberfest?

I would probably be able to spend my bitcoin there.

Denmark said to be free to spend it, but much like john -- china wants control over everything, countries like germany wants to tax everything.

You can use bitcoin but they do not count it as a currency.

It is a commodity.

So the places you definitely cannot go to use bitcoin, where?

Question i know, you definitely cannot go.

If you want to buy or sell it in scandinavia or germany, you will probably have to charge.

In the u.s. -- how much percent?

17%. qwest for every transaction of bitcoin in germany, you are paying a 17% tax.

Quest for the purchase or sale of it.

So if i set up a booth.

Class for using it, not paying that tax?

It is one of the duty of bitcoin.

In the u.s., i put yellow on the chart because you have to get a money transact or's license in 47 states and it is very expensive.

Class thank you very much.

They nine of the 12 days of bitcoin.

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