12 Days of Bitcoin: How Hard Is it to Buy One?

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Dec. 9 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Matt Miller recounts the struggles in his attempts to purchase Bitcoin and the pitfalls of the marketplace for the virtual currency on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.”

I have arranged a meeting.

It sounds like age of deal.

They kind of was.

They were like, i am out, but i am getting some later this week it it is not a physical claim.

-- coin.

It is the digital currency.

I'm going to do 12 days of bitcoin.

I like to live off of the grid, anonymously.

This is a virtual currency.

You had to call people up to get one?

I started trying on thursday to get one online.

There are a number of ways to do it.

You have to measure your bank account and social security number.

I thought, absolutely not.

I started trying to use bloombergs corporate inc.

Account and corporate credit card instead.

I did not want my information out there on the internet.

That did not work either.

We are clueless.

How do you get bitcoin?

There are a number of methods.

The easiest one is quite based -- coinbased.com.

That is the one that i signed up for.

You had to give personal information?

My boss told me to.

It could -- it took four days.

You could meet up with people and set up meetings.

They are waiting for you at a coffeehouse?

You never know what you pay until you get there.

It varies so widely.

I was looking at $727 for the bitcoin.

What is interesting is that, if you look at the price chart, it rockets up like a hockey stick and drops.

If you look at the volume chart, it does the same thing.

No one wanted to sell it.

You wrote "the facebook effect." if you were to write about bitcoin, where would you start.

The point is, why it really matters.

The thing that i think makes the most important is that it is a nongovernment issued currency.

This is the first time we have had anything like that.

It is an evolution of the internet.

That is the ultimate nongovernmental saying.

It started in the u.s., but it really is global.

Everything that happens is global.

It is a huge challenge for government.

We have a new kind of money merge and.

-- emerging.

David put that his report.

It collapses almost half its value.

That is not a currency, unless you are in zimbabwe.

There is debate over whether it is a security or a currency.

It needs a marketplace.

Hold on.

Maybe all of us are too inside.

We are in the business and we follow it.

Peter, i want to bring you in.

Does this mean anything to you?

It means nothing to me.

We are sticking with existing currency.

He says it does not matter.

I empathize with that point of view.

Are you going to try to live on bitcoin?

I am going to try for a couple of weeks.

A number of people have done this.

There was a woman on forbes to did it for a week.

No one is going to get a coat on bitcoin.

What are the denominations?

You can buy it in fractions.

There is some japanese name.

You can do a lot of real stuff with it.

You can buy things on the internet.

It tanked last week.

There is a service in boston where you can order food from 1000 restaurants and pay for it in bitcoin.

I would never be one of those because you could get $10 for a hamburger, but only get two dollars for a hamburger.

If you compare this to the internet, maybe it makes sense.

I think that there is an easier way to get it.

If you are a mathematician, you can mine it by solving a mathematical equations.

That is how it is created in the first place.

It is harder to understand by standard deviations, the older you are past 20. for me, it is almost impossible to understand.

For tom, it will never happen.

It is absolute malarkey.

I stay with that.

What are you doing next week?

You're going to find a bitcoin?

They're going to sell me one.

Thank you so much.

And coming up, the new ceo of time warner cable is going to receive a large golden parachute.

We're going to look at some of the largest exit packages ever.

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