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Dec. 17 (Bloomberg) –- Coinality.com Founder Dan Roseman discusses his site that lists jobs that pay in Bitcoin. He speaks with Adam Johnson and Matt Miller on Bloomberg Television's "Street Smart." (Source: Bloomberg)

Paid in bitcoin and our next guest has started the monster.com of jobs that pay exclusively in the digital currency.

Dan joins us now.

The site is brand-new, you just launched in september, what kind of jobs are you posting?

Most of them are technical in nature.

Programmer, developer, graphic design.

They also range from the odd job, like there is a job right now to create a puzzle for a puzzle creator.

They range from that too, you know, positions like second market bitcoin investment trusts.

I was always told not to put all your eggs in one basket.

What is the appeal of getting paid in bitcoin?

I guess you could say that getting paid in dollars is putting all your eggs in dollars, but what is the appeal here?

A good question.

The risk works both ways.

It can go up and it can go down.

Really, the site is designed for people who want to get up taste of bitcoin but do not feel like investing.

For example, if i am a graphic designer, i can do a logo for bitcoin and see what it is like and see if it is something worth investing in from their.

I get the sense, dan, that this is part of this new economy where you do not necessarily look for a job that will give you a paycheck every couple weeks, working there for 25 years, getting a gold watch, retiring.

You are working with you guys who do coding, go into work on a project, then go to another company to work on a different project?

That is exactly right, most of the jobs are freelance.

The site is set up to accommodate all types of jobs.

Full-time, part-time, even internships.

Have not had any of those yet.

It really is mostly for freelancers at the moment.

In terms of the volume of people coming through?

Right now we are averaging 500 unique visits each day.

We have a little over 1100 registered members and about 350 submitted jobs with 100 and 50 residue -- resumes.

The real interesting number is the number of applications.

These are high-quality candidates, cover letters, resumes.

One applicant made a video cover letter.

It is really neat.

All right, dan.

If you want to get paid in bitcoin, talk to dan roseman.

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