11.8%: Lenovo’s Smartphone Market Share in China

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Jan. 29 (Bloomberg) –- On today’s “BWest Byte,” Jon Erlichman reports on the market share Lenovo has in smartphones in China. (Source: Bloomberg)

What do you got?

Emily, 11.48% is the bite a cording to i.d.c., which tracks just about everything, lenovo's market share in china for smartphones was 11.8%, as the third quarter of last year.

Pretty amazing considering they only been making phones a few years.

There are a lot of companies in china we don't speak as much about compared to say apple or even samsung that have been very successful in that market and obviously lenovo will take a stab at the u.s. market with the purchase for motorola business.


Samsung, the giant there, apple trying to increase market share.

Motorola though i was just thinking, jon, when this deal was announced, how far they have fallen.

Remember when the razor was the big thing?

You were cool if you had a razor phone?

You mention a raise are now, people will try to shave with it.

You're right.

They have reinvented themselves and come out with -- i think what's interesting they're saying let's make a few phones that have the moto x and moto g, which actually are different strategy than what we see from lenovo in china, right?

Dozens of models and you see that from all of the big fast-growing companies there.

So it is still kind of a different way of approaching it.

See how it happens when they bring these two companies together.

Just gos to show how fast technology can change

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