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Sept. 23 (Bloomberg) -- Rovio Entertainment Chief Marketing Officer Peter Vesterbacka discusses the company's plans with Betty Liu on Bloomberg Television's "In The Loop." (Source: Bloomberg)

Chief -- who was named as one of time magazine's most influential people in the world in 2011. great to see you.

The change anything for you, when you get named something like that -- doesn't change anything for you?

Not really.

We have bigger plans -- of course, it is always nice but it is no big deal.

We have to keep moving.

You do have big plans to expand the angry birds franchise.

There have been 50 iterations of angry birds?

We had a few games before angry birds, and now we have a handful of angry birds games and we started telling the story from the pigs perspective, so we have the bad piggies game -- angry pigs?

Wax bad pe -- -- bad piggies.

We want to provide our fans with a branded angry birds experience in all forms and shapes.

Starting with the games.

We did launch our first animated series in march, so every week there is a new episode and it has been massively popular.

Almost 2 million games out there.

We have hundreds of millions of viewers for the animated series.

Now we consumer products, starting to -- from toys to soft drinks.

We have quite a few angry birds experiences out there.

It all starts with what we can do for our fans to keep them engaged with the brand.

What has been the most popular, which brand extension?

I would say the toy category has been the biggest.

We have plush toys -- that is where we started, consumer products.

We also have been very successful in soft drinks.

And we also have big hopes for the -- what we're doing with habro come on bringing the physical poison to the digital game.

That is something that has been successful for other players, billion-dollar plus franchisors.

As you mention, your company with developing games for a decade before you hit on angry birds.

Did you think that it was going to be that big of a hit when you finally put out angry birds?

We knew that we were on to something.

I think it was already clear during development.

The game took a while to create because the developers were playing the game themselves, and that is always a good sign.

They were getting addicted.


One of the earlier days -- one of our founders, he took the game over christmas and then was showing his mom --and typically what happens is because the phone back and, very nice.

What happened with angry birds, his mom, who never plays games, she hang onto the phone all christmas.

Someone who never plays any games.

So you knew you had something.

And then it was impossible to predict this level of success.

No other game has ever been downloaded this many times.

Something you can't predict.

I ask you that because it has been around since 2000 and.

Certainly one of the older app games.

Do you worry there is a shelf life, that there will be an end to some point -- at some point?

What we always say is we are not building this for 100 days ,but for 100 years.

Last time i said that i was told, like, that is so chinese.

I take that as a compliment in this business.

We are looking at this much more long-term.

It is not just dependent on how we are doing a particular day at the app store -- i think today we are like number one, but tomorrow we may be number two or whatever.

That is fine, because it is all about holding the angry birds experience in all forms and shapes.

Building angry birds activity parks, and that will be around 10, 20 years.

It is interesting, because when you talk about the company and you are building up for the long haul, you are one of the most opulent companies coming out of finland.

Because there was news a few weeks ago that nokia is being bought by microsoft.

Were you a little bit sad?

It is kind of like the writing was on the wall for quite a while.

It was something that had to happen.

Nokia is still there.

The handset business is now part of microsoft.

Now we have kind of two big corporations -- of active in finland.

All the best to them with that.

And it, of course, is a super tough market.

But they have amazing talent.

Are you going to avoid -- because you're angry birds, very popular -- but these shoot them up violent games.

Grand theft offauto racked up about a billion in sales.

Will you stay away from shoot up games?

Are gaming is more to provide games that can be played by every body, so it is really kind of family entertainment.

More like disney?

A little.

Entertainment for everybody.

But of course, another rock -- rockstar guys have been doing a great job building the grand theft auto franchise in the numbers speak for themselves.

It is amazing how the world has changed, much bigger than any movie or anything like that.

It is really clearly a shift in entertainment him of the games are where it's at.

Certainly my kids play angry birds and all sorts of video games -- unfortunately too much.

It is always good to play.

Peter, thank you so much.

You do where you're angry birds sweatshirt where you go.

Peter vesterbacka, the chief marketing officer and one of the creators that rovio.

We will be following the trend all week long.

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Here's a sneak peak.

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Clever doesn't work anymore.

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