`Veep' Creator: Show Articulates the Anger With DC

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June 20 (Bloomberg) -- Armando Iannucci, creator of HBO series "Veep," sits down with Bloomberg's Stephanie Ruhle at the Cannes Creativity Festival to explain why he thinks the show is so successful. (Source: Bloomberg)

I say, i am not look out to expose anything.

-- i am not out to expose anything.

The call comes through from the washington post, who was the person that takes it?

Gradually, it reveals the interesting stuff.

This is a time when people hate u.s. politics.

Americans don't trust politicians.

Why do you think this show has garnered so much attention and success when the subject matter is not very popular?

I think a show like "veep" may be articulates that level of frustration.

The things that people talk about a daily basis are not actually being discussed in washington.

For example, take a contentious issue like gun-control.

Whenever there is a terrible event, there is usually opinion about reforming gun laws that then get stymied by the senate.

Didn't we just say we wanted this to happen?

Is that frustration, i think that people seek out competition.

10 or 15 years ago, this is the part of a hopeful purpura trail of washington.

I don't think the climate is like that.

I think the climate is so disappointed and ejected, people need some kind of relief in the form of the show.

Now that you understand politics and you are in the world of media and entertainment, every hollywood star and musician wanted to be a brand right now.

Isn't that exactly what politicians are?

Yes, it is about the message and how you deliver the message.

Then, not understanding that there needs to be more to it than just the message.

That is when politicians come unstuck, if they are asked difficult questions and they cannot answer them.

The thunder they're coming up with a completely new policy live on camera because they cannot quite member what the policy was.

Three seasons deep, what do you think of the american political system?

The whole constitution is based on the idea of operation.

Cooperation between the white house, the senate.

It is all about opponents coming together and working something out.

At the moment, everyone has decided not to do that and therefore the constitution is just suspended.

That is a warning sign.

Some people said, there are some similarities to hillary clinton, sarah palin.

Are you pulling from the two?

Not really.

We knew that would happen.

I think people realize that she is her own person.

She gives us a much flash and bones, i does see her resembling anyone else.

There are elements of other politicians in there.

There are elements of romney, kerry, obama.

It is an outlet for all that we hear about.

Is 26 minutes past the hour,

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