‘Up-Cycled’ Fashion: Purse Made of Fire Hose

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Jan. 07 (Bloomberg) -- Zoe Robinson, Founder of The Good Wardrobe, discuses sustainable fashion and how ‘up-cycling’ can fit into your wardrobe. She speaks on Bloomberg Television's “The Pulse.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Is not as bad for the world.

It is not only about consumerism.

More and more people are wanting to find that their close will keep them good for longer.

That ties in well with the trend, if you will hurt i don't like that word because it implies something passing.

Along with new fibers and technologies being used in sustainability.

When i think of sustainability, i think of great close that you have -- that the wife of going -- that the likes of grant stephani or the wife of bono.

What they are not mass production.

Those dresses and gowns cost 4000 pounds and they are of a certain high-end designer fashion.

We are seeing on the high street more brands and retailers selling a more affordable fashion item.

New fair trade jewelry company have done collaborations with top shops.

This is about 15-20 pounds.

There is a different level of things being sold.

This gives you -- you're probably props, which i love.

The polyester could have been in water balls -- in water bottles -- there could be 15 to 20 water bottles used for this.

The great thing about this is that it is waterproof.

Over time the waterproofing will go.

When you wash it again, the waterproofing comes back.

It is assigned for longevity.

If you come closer, you can really see what it is made of.

This is pure recycled.

We use less energy and basically become more sustainable.

This is up cycled.

It is redesigned.

We can't be used anymore and are damaged they literally get thrown into landfill.

This is made by an amazing company who sees any waste as a challenge.

They want to find ways to up cycled these and use them.

They make cufflinks, belts, ipad covers.

I think hardly it is down to the economy.

Some people will always buy on a budget.

Other people do want to buy things that last.

There are statistics coming out that lung people want to be more sustainable.

I think -- more want to do good in the world.

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