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March 31 (Bloomberg) -- Katherine Woodward Thomas, psychotherapist and creator of "conscious uncoupling," explains how the process works. She speaks with Pimm Fox on Bloomberg Television's "Taking Stock." The Chopra Center for Wellbeing co-founder Deepak Chopra also comments. (Source: Bloomberg)

She created the term "conscious uncoupling." still with us is deepak chopra.

We will let you tell us about this idea of con just uncoupling.

What does this mean.

We think of contentious and antagonistic separations.

With a relationship?

Yes, relationships.

We think of it as there being a certain amount of anger.

And conscious uncoupling is a way to break up that is focused on goodwill and generosity and respect.

It leaves both people feeling respected, leaves them feeling valued.

And they also agreed to do their best to minimize the damage to themselves, to their children if they have children, and to each other.

I am an advocate of marriage, but if you are going to break up, conscious uncoupling is a great way to go, particularly if there are children involved.

Deepak chopra, this goes back to what you're saying earlier about confrontation and argument.

Having that conversation.

Uncoupling is the aftermath of unconscious coupling.

[laughter] you had unconscious coupling and now you have to have conscious uncoupling.

The reason that this term is invoked has to do with the hollywood actress quinn paltrow and her, i guess -- i do not know what you would call him.

The conscious uncoupling ex-husband to be, chris martin, the musician.

I certainly extend my sympathies to all those involved.

I am grateful that they used to their personal heartbreak to introduce a new term into the culture -- is to be clear, you do not know these people.

You do not know them personally.

Anyone taking my courses, they come in anonymously.

I see them on the screen very often.

They say what their name is.

They can create an alias.

I would not know.

The course is about 75 minutes long.

You can take this online.

It is $300 i believe?

No, no, no.

These 75 minutes is a free offering.

It is free to the community.

It is online.

The force is a five-week program with a six-month follow-up with coaches, coaching with me.

It is pretty extensive.

But i developed a program i actually take people through that really allows them to go through what is one of the most traumatic experiences those people can go through in a very clear and elusive way.

I walk them through it.

Brain chemistry has been shown to be the same for someone going through a breakup as it is for someone towing through the death of a loved one.

A bad breakup can be a near death experience.

It can certainly create anxiety and stress and lead to all of the things you are working to prevent.

It is minimizing the trauma.

You have to admit -- there is still trauma, still damage to the children to some extent.

And it is very expensive.

This could be a way to control some of the cost.

Conscious uncoupling is not a minimizing.

This is one of the most traumatic things to people can ever go through.

And we talk about the rupture of

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