Dan Aykroyd Celebrates 'Trading Places' Turning 30

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July 31 (Bloomberg) -- Former Saturday Night Live Star Dan Aykroyd discusses his career and his involvement with Crystal Head Vodka with Adam Johnson on Bloomberg Television's "Street Smart." (Source: Bloomberg)

Pork bellies.

I knew it.

Looking good, believer eight.

Cell, mortimer sell.

These things have become part of wall street culture.

"trading spaces " turned 30 last month but it has remained fresh in traders mind thanks to seems like this.

Nothing you have ever experienced and prepare you for the unbridled carnage you are about to witness.

In this building, it's either killed or be killed.

Make no friends and take no prisoners.

One minute you are up, the next minute your kids don't go to college.

We got to kill them.

And here, we've always been fans because my cohost over here looks a whole lot like louis winthrop the third.

See that resemblance?

So the special treat we have here on set with us for much dan aykroyd, actor and ceo of crystal head vodka.

Good to see you.

You'd look like when throat but you don't look like aykroyd.

You didn't get whacked with the ugly stick.

It's great to have you here.

This is a movie that's still very much watched on the street.

I can number as a summer analyst at goldman sachs, they were trying to teach us about the futures market.

So what did they do?

They showed us the orange juice seen.

That the link is gone.

It disappeared in the terrible attacks on our country in 9/11. but it was a wonderful project to work on because we were actually in the pits with a real guys and they were teaching us how to call and how to sell and buy the way they actually did it.

I saw a guy in the corner and he had the numbers on it a green traitor jacket and he looked very stressed out.

I said who is that?

And they said he's got one of the largest aluminum trading things in the world.

They were real guys taking and losing real money.

We got affected by the adrenaline of it and by the end of that scene, eddie and i were really screaming and believing we were there.

It was a wonderful experience.

I miss the world trade center , honestly.

I lived downtown and used to go.

It was a special place.

It was really great and now we look to triumph and victory is the new building rises.

We will be excited when that gets open.

30 years ago that movie came out.

Did you have a lot of fun making it?

We had a lot of fun.

I don't know if your member the scene where i the salmon threw my beard.

If i recall, you actually stuffed it under your santa claus costume.

Seems like that and working with jamie lee, who i consider my sister in the business.

John landis is a wonderful director.

I believe it's the only movie they wrote that was produced and received any kind of reference in the audience out there in terms of wide appeal.

Why do you think?

Here we are 30 years later, "ghost busters" we laugh about that, -- we did not improvise much.

They rode a solid script that we didn't hear from them after that.

I wonder where those guys are today.

Who is hot today in comedy?

You could walk anywhere in the world and people say dan -- i think the "saturday night live" cast, melissa mccarthy who i just worked with on a film.

She's probably the best physical comedian since esther comedian or chevy chase.

But they are leaving.

Jimmy fallon is going to be terrific in the tonight show slot.

What is up at saturday night live with all of these people leaving?

It's like a university.

They re-recruit teams and there will be a whole new group of people coming in.

It's an institution that's never going to go away.

It's one of the highest rating shows, lauren is still a great producer and impresario, so the search is on.

If you're a male between the ages 19 and 30 and you have some improv chops, i understand they are auditioning.

A job i will not be -- they should have you back as a guest host terry i could do that.

Tell us about your vodka gig.

It's really fun.

I was trying -- tired of drinking vodka that are oily and have that fake upfront feel.

I wanted to go with a naturally tasting vodka.

A lot of them have glycerin.

Not enough to kill you.

But wouldn't you like a vodka that doesn't have that stuff?

So we made distal head in a skull based on the 13 crystal heads.

That was referenced in the indiana jones movie.

Our product is pure, clean, a positive enlightened drinking thing we want to project.

So we decided to put it in a skull because that sells a mission -- a message of purity.

Why are they that?

They called him crystal heads because there are 13 of them.

The navajos and mayans had them -- there are eight in the position of mankind and five of them are missing.

They have a psychic message to them and we are trying to sell enlightened, cleaned up drinking and that is why we use the crystal head area it makes a great cocktail because it doesn't have glycerin.

If you are making a martini, you're going to have vermouth.

You are a smart dude.

How did you get so smart?

I surround myself with people who are far more knowledgeable than i am in these things.

And i basically learn and try to listen more.

I think that's the smart ink to do is listen to what people have to say and take their advice.

We have our rolling stones pack -- i don't know if you can get a shot of that.

Did the rolling stones endorse it?

Of course.

You can't do anything without them endorsing it.

Make jagr picked cds.

He picked 14 live stones tracks and you can get that with the stopper.

This is not available in the state of new york.

You can go to connecticut and new jersey and we have some great retailers if you are in the neighborhood of gary's. hobley online.

-- probably online.

What is it like going from the acting world into a world like this?

Going from theater into business.

Or was the always a business?

They call it show business for that reason.

It is a business.

As an actor, i had to appraise how my talent was being marketed, how it was being compensated for, had to make my own deals with lawyers and agents and understand that mechanics and economics of the business.

When i was producing films , we had to understand the budgets and profit margins and participation.

Being in the film business and the record business, because we had the blues brothers.

We sold a few million records there.

I learned both of them and again, i listened to people and learn from people who were experienced and knowledgeable.

So good to have you here.

It's a real pleasure.

I feel like i look at you every day.

When i was younger -- maybe a little of that quality there.

Thank you for being here.

Enqueue so much.

Glad to be in a bloomberg building.

It's canadian vodka, by the way.

If you have a problem with russian vodka these days because of the insane view that the russian government has on same gender preference people, that's absolutely insane.

Why they are blaming the vodka industry, i don't know, but if you want a canadian vodka, we are an alternative area coming up, more from hollywood.

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