Why 'The Walking Dead' Premiere Beat the Olympics

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Feb. 11 (Bloomberg) –- AMC President Charlie Collier discusses why he thinks “The Walking Dead” is so popular with fans and why so many viewers turned in for the season 4 premiere. He speaks to Jon Erlichman on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg West.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Joins us now.

If you think about why this show has been such a hit, with the use a to that?

It is people.

There is a lot for the genre fan.

You have mentioned that it is a zombie show.

I think it has resonated more broadly because some of the teams have very little to do with zombies and much more to do with human drama.

You look at it, as if you were one of the last people in the planet.

Would you stay or go?

Would you hunker down?

Would you see if your family returns?

You go and look for them to mark is quite relatable.

Of all those twists and turns, people talk about it.

What i find equally impressive is that you guys have this so-called out talking to.

You talk about the episode.

You guys got close to 6 million viewers.

Again, that is the kind of number that most people on cable with craig to get -- would crave to get.

Does that speak to the nature of this show?

There is something about live event television.

Despite the press, you look at it for what the water cooler aspects are.

It is promotional for grammy, but it brings together all the aspects of this live event.

The beauty of that is that it serves many people well.

Another word, netflix can have success with their original strategy and saying, here are all the episodes at once.

You guys stretch it out, one here, one there, and then talk about it.

Click i think there is something to anticipation.

I still believe that if you look at walking dead, talking to, -- dead, is a week of being a part of something.

Then you look forward to the next one.

There are many great ways to catch up on the walking dead after the live event.

We have so many partners who watch on demand.

With electronic sell through and all the other opportunities, we ran against the super bowl.

We had a marathon of the walking dead.

That could very well also.

There are all sorts of ways -- we talk about it as an ecosystem.

There are all sorts of ways to nurture an ecosystem.

We are building anticipation for the life events.

One of the difference between this show and others with your orders, you guys are the studio behind this show stop and makes him wonder, what is the longevity of this show is part you guys are talking that having a companion three down the road.

-- series down the road.

There is a lot more character.

You cite one of back story about me shown -- michonne this week.

The greater appeal these characters could go on for a long time stop i have a partner who says that we think the zombie apocalypse could go on forever.

I do not know about forever, but there is a lot of character development.

We are starting with robert kirkamn who created the comic book.

It is well past its 100th issue.

Is it is about you relate ability of the mint condition.

-- relate ability of the human condition.

What are your next big shows?

You have a few coming.

"the turn" is a revolutionary war trauma.

Do you get butterflies in your stomach when it sets the bar so high with some of your other programs question mark i heard you mentioned your children.

I love all my children equally and differently.

The difference with madmen, "hel l on wheels," and other shows is that we are moving to other stories.

It is natural to create that.

It is as strong as anything we have done to stop i cannot wait to share with the world.

Charlie callier is the president of amc.

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