'Star Wars' Coming Back for 2015: Disney's Horn

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April 22 (Bloomberg) –- Walt Disney Studios Chairman Alan Horn discusses casting and shooting locations for the upcoming Star Wars film. He speaks with Bloomberg’s Jon Erlichman. (Source: Bloomberg)

Yet but we will shortly.

You had said that shooting it started.

We did second unit work in other dobby and other places because we have all of these locations we have to film -- in added debbie.

-- who dobby -- abu dhabi.

We have to go to the places that give us the right look and feel.

We have not commenced the main part of principal photography.

Primary location is pine wood in the uk's and abu dhabi is another location?


With this first film, initially the plan was to get it out in may because that's when star wars movies come out.

They were not ready so they moved it to december.

I asked him with the next films that are coming, what the lan on the release would be?

Does december make more sense?

For enthusiasts, it is christmas season.

Think of all the products they could dump into my house.

You should go work for disney.

You can help them with the marketing.

Absolutely in the same way the summer makes sense.

Are these all december releases?

No, we are not sure yet.

The dates have been made and we may revert to that but it depends on the ratings and where we are.

The first one will be december 18 of 2015. we will start with that and see.

There you go and he said

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