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May 6 (Bloomberg) -- Dan Wagner, CEO of Powa Technologies, discusses the deal between Twitter and Amazon allowing users to shop with hashtags, and POWATAG’s point and purchase model. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “On The Move.” (Source: Bloomberg)

First of all, what to make of these two giants?

Coming together, amazon and twitter, basically by putting #whenever i'm looking at, i get to buy directly.

Nothing for all other retailers other than amazon, again, this demonstrates how amazon keeps pushing the boundaries of technology to make things easier for consumers.

I think other retailers who have suffered for 15 years at the hands of amazon's fantastic growth now have an opportunity with our tag to fight back.

-- with power tag to fight back.

Identifying and being able to buy it straight.

What we have done is taken a number of different triggers that allow a mobile phone to buy what caesar what it hears.

If you're watching tv him a you can hold your phone up and buy the product that is on your screen.

If you are at the dentist and you see an ad of a product you like, you can buy that straight up the page.

We transform advertising and real world physical products and media into purchase opportunities.

What we have found over the last few months phase we had 240 brands with us, including rent like universal music and i adidas.

Now we have other major brands, all taking on this technology.

What is happening now is the balance is shifting.

Amazon would from being a standalone platform that made it easy for people to buy stuff to everybody else now having something to compete with.

I think the announcement today is the way they're starting to see the competitive situation being a bit more aggressive.

Hop orton isn't to team up with one of the huge names?

And a lot of magazines are using the technology.

You look at a magazine and say you want to buy this.

On the digital app you can buy directly.

How important is it to have a name such as twitter or amazon attached to a? amazon is competing with all the other guys.

Twitter is a platform.

There is a broad audience there.

If you can capture that audience and help them buy more effectively, that is a great thing.

Amazon's announcement is a good thing.

Is not exclusive to amazon.

Anyone can leverage that technology.

What we are doing with power tag is leapfrogging the capabilities of retailers and brands to allow consumers to buy much easier from them.

What is your biggest challenge?

Yourselves a much more stuff otherwise, am i right?

Retailers want to sell directly themselves.

There are retailers who fear amazon.

Amazon has been making things easier for consumers and other retailers want to try to keep hold of their customers, they don't want to lose them.

What are you going to roll this out?

I am rolling out now.

But properly.

This is a soft launch, right?

Take six months to a year to really get things rolling.

Italy take seven days or so to integrate power tag.

The big launch is, we have 35 brands going live in june.

In september there will be about 600 brands live.

Over christmas.

, both here in europe and in the united states, it will be the way that people will buy.

Christmas time is crunch time.

When will i be addicted to it?

You'll see everywhere by christmas.

This is just for the u.k. at the moment?


it is for everywhere.

What is different about the way that we shop here in the u.k. as opposed to france and germany?

We are in a global village today.

Particularly when it comes to internet and online purchasing.

The playing field has been leveled a lot from an international perspective.

Consumers are more familiar with using their mobile phones as devices to find things.

Now they will be able to buy things much easier.

You think there will be a backlash to buying things online?

No, i don't. i would put that as an analogy to say oh, we are bored of getting on a plane or train or car rather than walking.

Is ais a benefit to mankind.

Will it the fashionable?

I think it will be universal.

I don't think there's any one category that is better than another.

Are you going to be on wearable tech?

You can have loaded wristbands at concerts with power tag on it so you can buy in stadiums.

Is echoed to be the most exciting?

What is the most exciting?

Something the speed and convenience of being able to buy what i see when i see it.

That changes the game.

I don't need to go to a store or my pc to make a purchase.

If i see something i like, i hold my phone up and buy it on the spot.

Thank you so much for coming on.

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