'Saw' Producer Unlocks the Secret of Horror

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Oct. 18 (Bloomberg) -- Twisted Pictures and Evolution Entertainment Founder Mark Burg discusses the resurgence of the horror film genre with Stephanie Ruhle on Bloomberg Television's "Market Makers." (Source: Bloomberg)

We could not find anyone better on the topic then mark berg, a producer on the big screen.

The seven "saw" films have brought in hundreds of millions.

What is it about this genre that brings in the big bucks?

I think we are there at the resurgence of war movies, which is lucky for us.

-- of horror movies, which is lucky for us.

What made you bring those films back?


You can make a horror movie cheaply.

You cannot make a block us to review cheaply.

We do not need giant stars.

What we are finding now is that bigger actors are now willing to do horror movies where they never would in the past, because they know, too, if it works, they will get paid more in the long run than they will buy doing a general movie.

If it is simple economics, why does it seem as though horror movies kind of went out of fashion for a while?

They did, because there was an over glut and oversupply, like anything else.

Horror movie stopped working, so people went to other genres.

It is like anything else, if you make a movie that works, people make more.

With the success of the conjuring, insidious, our audience is young males and young females.

It is probably young female driven than male driven at this point.

When i think of old-school horror movies, there's that vision of the couple sitting together and she is sitting on his lap at the drive-in.

You've got it.

It is a reason for a girl to jump into a guys lap.

Do you think it is a good idea for horror movies to be remade?

"carrie," for example.

It seems like hollywood has run out of good ideas.

Why not new core films?

I have a couple good ideas.

I did a texas chainsaw last year that open to number one, but fell off pretty quickly.

But kerry will be giant.

-- "carrie" will be giant.

It will probably due to do three times opening weekend at the box office.

Does the calendar make a big difference?

All of the "saw" movies were right before halloween.

Everyone has their spook on.

Does that make a difference in the box office -- box office?

Timing is important.

And advertising is cheaper to buy in october.

The rates are not quite as high as they are in the summer.

We can market these two more people at a less expensive cost -- we can market these two -- we can market these to more people at a lesser cost.

These movies did unbelievable -- unbelievably.

Traditionally, horror movies have not done so well outside the united states.

How do you take horror and turning into an international blockbuster?

What is the key?

It is changing now.

Our "saw" movies did internationally than domestic.

More and more territories are bait -- paying big money for horror movies.

Horror movies.

They are tired of these big stallone action movies.

If the audience is young men and women -- when i think about what fan boys go out to buy, when you think of a more girl

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