`Real Housewife' Drescher Talks Reality TV & Finale

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July 24 (Bloomberg) -- Aviva Drescher, cast member of "Real Housewives of New York" and author of "Leggy Blonde: A Memoir," discusses how real reality TV is with Carol Massar on "Taking Stock." (Source: Bloomberg)

She's also the author of a recent book entitled "leggy blonde -- a memoir.

She joins us now on taking stock.

The housewives.

Why do something like that?

I joined the housewives to raise awareness for amputees.

I knew i would be a caricature, i knew i could really raise awareness and give hope to amputees who need help and guidance.

Did they seek you out or did you go to them?

What they sought me out.

They came to me and asked if i would mind the show and i said absolutely not, not joining those crazy women.

That you did.

I did and realize you can't really beat the system.

When you are on one of those reality shows, you become one of those crazy women.

I have to play that crazy moment of stop let's go to this moment on real housewives of new york.

[crosstalk] you say you have never lied to any of us at the table and find us really hurtful and find that laughable.

The only thing that is artificial about me -- for those listening on radio, that was a clip from "real housewives of new york." you take off your prosthetic leg and throw it.

It's a very big moment.

It is.

I got to breaking point with the ladies.

I had asthma and could not go on a trip.

I just wanted to make a point.

I tend to overdo things, side probably overdid it, but i want to make a point and i did all stop i think when we watch all of these shows, we wonder how much is real and how much is him.

When you see the edited show, does it surprise you sometimes?

I think all of television, whether it's the news, whether it's a documentary, and certainly reality shows, there is always an element that is produced and planned.

We don't have scripts.

We are not told what to do.

We are creating a show.

We cannot just sit around all day and talk about our children stay at school.

That would be awfully boring.

We know what we are doing.

Are you surprised at the success of this franchise?

I'm not surprised because it follows the same paradigm as the soap operas that everyone watches, so it's the exact same are -- exact same model is that.

People are voyeurs.

People are lawyers, and i think they like it when they can get a glimpse into someone else's life.

Your story is incredible and i know you have written about it all stop why did you write the book?

I wrote the book for the same reason i joined the show, which was just to show my journey of navigating life as an amputee.

Lexus has been a long life because this happened when you are six.


Now i'm 43 and i wanted to show people how i got to where i am now.

All of the strengths and weaknesses i have, all of the ways i was able to cope as a child and teenager wearing a prosthetic leg, i think helps all people who are going through physical challenges or any physical challenge, which we all go through.

No one is spared.

I'm hoping they would gain hope from my successes.

You have also helped -- i think about the boston marathon and those folks who are wearing prosthetic limbs, talk about your experience helping them out.

I was asked to come to the hospital a few weeks after the bombing and i actually met with only women.

Most and be tease in america are men do to combat.

In the marathon bombing, more than half were women.

Meeting them was incredible because i learned evil did not avail.

I saw there smiling and hopeful faces.

It was wonderful for me because i was able to offer them hope and let them know it's not a sentence to be in a beauty.

Life without limbs is limitless.

What was the biggest question they asked you?

This happened to you as a child and children are resilient.

But for adults, it can be difficult.


But questions like how am i going to take a shower or can i wear heels or can i get a pedicure?

Can i -- can you?

What you can.

You need to go to the right prosthetics and went you get the right fit and your goals are being met, you can work on whatever cosmetics you want.

I go to a step ahead prosthetics in new york which i have gone to for 12 years.

I personally bring people to eric schaper -- eric schaeffer.

They work on a theory called form all is function.

Do you want to ski question mark you want to run?

Let's get you comfortable doing what everyone and if you want to have some icing or you want some skin that looks real or high heel leg, if you want telesales that look like you could get a pedicure -- you can have them customized.

You can have whatever you want.

Prosthetics today are really incredibly advanced and i did not have that as a child.

One of our producers is a big fan and want to know if you are going to be back?

At a good question.

You don't know if you are going to be back because it's like survivor.

You have to be asked, and then you have to say yes.

So you never know and the way the network works, they wait till the last minute to let you know and then --

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