Ten Stocks Down in March to Buy in April

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March 31 (Bloomberg) -- On today’s “Insight & Action,” Bloomberg Television’s “Lunch Money” Host Adam Johnson looks at possible new stocks to buy. (Source: Bloomberg)

Maybe we find some new stocks to buy today.

Time for a little insight in action.

Fresh of the portfolio.

I want to share an observation carter were throw today.

In other words, he saying it has been a flat year.

All these names that have run up big, maybe they are done and i should take some profits.

That's meant there has been a lot of selling and created opportunities.

Here's an example -- netflix.

It's been up big over the last several years and has had a recent correction.

This correction right here, but it's simply gone back to the trendline, which is still upward sloping and their strong earnings growth.

That observation got us wondering what else is out there ? for stocks up at least 200% in the last year, that they profit taking candidate.

But down at least five percent over the last 30 days.

Yet earnings are forecast to grow by at least 10% in 2014. i found 22 names that fit the bill including netflix.

Here are 10 of them -- activists, biogen, expedia to mike gilead, michael kors at trip advisor -- they've had a huge run ups over the last couple of years and traded down recently, yet they are still earnings growth candidates.

I've posted all 22 on my twitter handle.

Be sure to get those names from his twitter handle.

That doesn't for "on the markets

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