`Quantum Dawn 2' Is a Cyber-Attack Bank Drill

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July 18 (Bloomberg) -- Trustedsec CEO David Kennedy and Security Compass Managing Director Sahba Kazerooni discuss testing banks readiness for cyber-attacks with Pimm Fox on Bloomberg Television's "Taking Stock." (Source: Bloomberg)

I want to start with you.

You cannot tell me any of the banks they work for, because then you have to kill me, right?

That is right.

What we do with high confidence, so i cannot really talk about the banks.

But what we are doing today is unprecedented.

Unprecedented in what way?

It is the second time they have had this kind of mock attack.

Right, it is larger than the first.

It is done in a way that it is distributed.

One of the key things about quantum bond 1, they were experiencing certain attacks and experiencing these things together.

Now the idea is that you are all in your own office and your own building.

If you have a similar type of attack, how do you collaborate with one another?

Intel, conference calls and making sure your pc need together while not -- you know, conference calls and making sure you are piecing it together from not sitting in the same room.

How you do -- a deal with these attacks?

Rex -- i would say that the financial industry in general is largely unprepared for a large scale type of attack.

If you look at the financial industry itself, it is resonant with this new quantum dawn 2. you had over double the numbers.

Banks are scared of what could happen and they're protecting against it.

David, what kind of grade would you give the major banks in the u.s. for cyber security?

If i had to give a break right now for the financial institutions as a collective, for capability and retinas, definitely an f. do you agree?

I would agree.

-- i would agree.

We're focusing on wednesday as a threat at a time.

What would be an example of something like this?

The threat of the year last year was distributor non service.

When a bank is just getting pummeled with requests that are unresolved and there is downtime in the on-line services.

These are the kinds of services that a retail.

-- retail client would experience.

In my experience that the banking it down friday, he may not be able to log in.

Those are the types of disruptions that they're trying to cause.

Is there a solution other than hitting them back every time it happens the experts at the areas.

-- it happens?

I think there is.

Security is taken seriously to protect our information, and electra property, or our financial data to consumers -- intellectual property, or our financial data to consumers.

Until you make security an integral part of the business and account for that risk, you will see these small-scale attacks have a major hindrance.

And it is just one of several hundred that a bank or financial institution can experience.

And we're just seeing the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the top -- the amount of attacks that are out there.

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