`Mitt’ Provides a Glimpse Inside Romney’s Campaign

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Jan. 24 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg Television's "Lunch Money" Host Matt Miller takes a look at the new Netflix documentary on Mitt Romney. (Source: Bloomberg)

"mitt" premieres on netflix tonight.

It follows him and his family from his primary bid to his 2012 residential loss.

What would you say in a concession speech?

I will read what i have here.

I wish all of them well.

Thanks to the first lady and her daughters.

I hope they will be successful in guiding the nation.

Should i slice that?

Viewers are likely to learn a lot about the otherwise private mr.


Here's what else -- can this documentary -- you saw this more human side of him.

You also saw a little bit of his reticence in terms of his wanting to be a candidate.

Because the staff was eliminated from this documentary film, you got to see the candidate and his family.

I think you got to like him a little bit more but i'm not sure he really felt he wanted this.

It look like this is something he was driving for or has pushed.

You are running the opposition campaign at the time -- did you know there was a different met romney out there that you might have been afraid of had he been able to committee k to the public that personality?

I think it was his positions that cost him the presidency and middle-class voters thought president obama was more in line with their thinking.

You are in a political war fighting to the death to win.

You have respect for the other side because a presidential campaign is a grueling thing.

That moment you just showed is what you driven a campaign, calling your opponent to concede.

You got to tip your hat to him because you know what they went through.

There are obstacle courses and you feel for them because these are tough things, tough on your family.

I will watch it with great interest.

I doubt there will be a mitt '16 bandwagon.

The 20 16th republican contenders were handicapped and mitt romney was listed as number 10. he says the movie could provide a catalyst.

There is a sense he could turn some key states he narrowly lost last time around.

He can raise a lot of money very quickly.

We get swept up in these moments.

A few months from now, i don't think anyone will be talking about mitt romney.

He has said himself he has run his last race and i think he means it.

These things are hard to do twice in a row.

The documentary is now available for streaming on netflix.

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