How `Madden' Became a Part of Player's Prep

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Aug. 26 (Bloomberg) -- Former NFL player Mitch Marrow and Bloomberg's Eben Novy-Williams discuss the growth of EA's Madden franchise and dog care tips with Matt Miller on "Street Smart." (Source: Bloomberg)

Because it is national dog day.

But before we get to the dog, i want to talk more about "madd en." i was talking to the guy who did all of the ratings, who rates all of the players, and one of the things i talked to him about, i think a lot of kids today grow up, especially kids are becoming pro now, they have been playing "madden" their entire lives.

Did you play?

Especially in college, and even in the pros, guys played "madden." you play?

It is becoming more and more realistic.

Colin kaepernick's tattoos are going to be in the game this year.

I remember, everyone was in the same kind of shape.

There was the skinny box and then the other box, and, you are right, you watch the game, and it feels very realistic.

Is becoming more and more realistic.

Have you played it recently?

Not recently.

But i remember when there was the herschel walker box.


Same as you guys, i had not played it since -- i had it when it was my nintendo 64 or whatever, and now, this year, for example, is a quarterback passes a toss that is too hi and kilo long, -- too high and too long, now he is going to jump up and go for it.

Everyone has signature moves that they're going to be using, so it will be more realistic, and i guess that is going to be a big selling point for kids.


I remember there used to be ever your things.

Incomplete, cats, big game, short game -- incomplete, catch, big game, short game.

This brings up an interesting part of the story, because e.a. also made the ncaa game, which they do not even have anymore because they do not know what is going to happen, but what about the kids who are being used in the game or who are helping their big ten or school bring in hundreds of millions of dollars, should they be compensated somehow?

Personally, i don't, only because i love the purity that you keep in the college game because they are not paid.

You know, there's something to be said for keeping college as a, you know, nonprofessional leagues.

Otherwise, you might as well just take the college piece out of it and make it a semi pro league.

At the university, the starters are not all at business meetings.

The education piece is connected to the football.

That is a very good point.

A lot of people are asking.

Let's get to national dog day.

Talk to me about the spot experience.

I am a huge lover of dogs.

I have a young rottweiler, who i raised from infancy and spend more money than i care to tell publicly.

There is the picture.

As a baby, growing older.

What is the spot experience?

What does it do for owners?

What doesn't it do?

The spot experience is a strategic partner and competitive advantage to industries that need it.

We have taken the full-scale services which came from your pet, basic training, classes, daycare, boarding, a country facility for a weekend spot, anything you can imagine around the realm of grooming, and we have put these facilities on site, partnered with large residential developers, and we have made it the amenity of all entities to draw the 60% of manhattan luxury apartments.

Said to move into a building, you might have the spot experience there, and that would make my job easier as an urban person?

Yes, the most difficult place to own a dog and the most expensive is living in an apartment in the city.

It is difficult to socialize and have a great experience for your dog and to have you share in it, so this makes it the ultimate convenience, and it really

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