‘Internet of Things’ Computerize Everything: Olisa

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June 18 (Bloomberg) -- Restoration Partners Chairman Kenneth Olisa discusses ‘the internet of things’ as the next big wave for money making ability in technology. He speaks with Caroline Hyde on Bloomberg Television’s “On The Move.” (Source: Bloomberg)


The internet of things is the next big wave of moneymaking capability and technology.

This is the next big wave.

If i were capable of being excited in american way, then yes.

What sort of businesses have you been analyzing?

It becomes everything to everybody.

The intent of things -- the internet of things is the time where everything will be a computer.

You can identify items of clothing.

I was at a jaguar engine plant yesterday.

Every tool has an id tag and it is constantly monitored.

The internet of things is all connected and we are going step by step by step.

This apartment has loads of things that are computers.

There is a need to understand the geographic information systems space.

We are investing in a mapping platform.

We intend to move into mobile asset management.

Railways and ambulances and police cars and so on.

A fire engine turns up to somewhere.

Everything becomes a computer.

You will be able to identify things and their state.

We could get excited about things because it is about the entire infrastructure of cities, not just about making your coffee quickly and your lighting.

If you look at some of the statistics about the world as opposed to just london, it is a global phenomenon.

A third of all food produced is wasted.

It never made it from the processing point.

You do not know where it is and what to do with it.

If you are controlling a fleet of tracks filled with food from a central place, you can start optimizing the distribution change.

Modern manufacturing plants are leading.

I am old enough to remember where you did not know or anything was.

Today, it is all computerized.

Health care benefits, transport benefits.

You can manage things like this flat from a central commercial -- central control point.

Everything is connected.

You have spent your entire working life within i.t. and technology.

If the rest of the world aware of the rate at which things are changing?

Are we aware of this?

In pockets, i think.

If you're growing soybeans in remote india, it is irrelevant.

But you're probably getting pricing information on the smartphone.

When you walk out of the store and the beeper goes out -- goes off, it is a primitive example of the internet of things.

When it hit a wave of wireless energy, it sent out information.

We are aware, but not in the way of people sitting down and figuring out ways to make money from it.

How long ago before we had never heard of an ipad?

Five years.

Easily within five years, though it roach -- the approach to things will happen.

They will tell you the temperature, the humidity, and the location of the sensor.

The answer is, the technology is there.

It has been hyped for so long and that is why people get negative and critical about it.

People are taking advantage of the fact that you can know where something is and what the state of it is.

It has been fascinating talking to you.

Chairman of restoration partners.

Caroline hyde in a connected home.

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