`Hello Kitty' Success Mints New Billionaire

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Sept. 12 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg News's Rob LaFranco reports on how the success of Hello Kitty has made Sanrio founder Shintaro Tsuji a billionaire and explains the growth of the brand. He speaks on Bloomberg Television's "The Pulse."

Another billionaire, but he is not an oil tycoon, or real estate magnet.

The 85 or old founder of the tokyo-based san rio, the company most famous for the mouseless white cat known as hello kitty.

Yes, we are talking about that.

This brand is been around for a while.

Has he been a billionaire for a while?

He is a recent billionaire.

This is one of those discoveries where it was just a matter of patient watching.

He owns about 22% of the company along with his son who is executive heir.

They have had a boom in the last five years or so and the stock has gone from about eight dollars to over $55. basically, it was a licensing decision.

They used to manufacture their product and make your choice, but they made a decision a number of years ago they would focus on licensing and have other people take the stuff.

What do we know about him?

Or into a wealthy family -- born to a wealthy family, he was a bureaucrat for a while.

He got incredibly bored with that business in the 1970s and started a company.

Hello kitty appeared in 1975 for the first time.

It boomed during the 1970s then faded out and in the 1990s, got picked up again.

Born and bred entrepreneur.

This brand certainly has had an amazing renaissance.

Any sense this is as good as it gets or that he gets better from here?

It is kind of hard to talk the success of hello kitty.

They have other brands, but when it emerged, there were 450 and this one caught on.

They do have some other businesses like amusement parks.

It is hard to see what they would do to top this, but they certainly have their hands in other pies.

Japan, 62.9% , europe is only 13%, north america's only 13%. there is some potential.


There is room to go in any business.

Has the stock beach?

Has the licensing -- is there much more to go with hello kitty is self?

Hello kitty movies, tv, there's always way to generate more revenue, it is just a question of what can they do to top what they have done now?

We will leave it there.

Thank you very much for joining us on the hello kitty story.

We are getting some comments coming through from joseph acumen who is been speaking to reporters.

He says he will resign from the zemin's board.

There's a board meeting on the 18th.

He is also talking about the

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