`Hands Down' Apple Retailing Winner: Scott Galloway

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Dec. 2 (Bloomberg) -- NYU Stern School of Business Professor Scott Galloway discusses holiday retail sales with Deirdre Bolton on Bloomberg Television's "Money Moves." (Source: Bloomberg)

The data for black friday shopping is in.

With me now, officer of marketing at nyu stern's school of business.

If you had to say, one winner, who is a -- who is it?

Hands-down, apple.

It really showed their dominance in terms of, the credit system around the most meaningful economic population in the world.

If you look at actual sales done on black friday online, sales are up 40%, really robust, but about 4/5 of the sales came from an ios platform.

The people buying -- the iphone, a credit card also disguised as a phone.

It is incredible the dominance a showed.

You look at the chart.

550 two dollars in change.

We have been talking about this for a while.

You are saying, it is still not over done in the sense that people are addicted to their products, still buying their products.

Does it matter to you as far as branding strength goes, whether people are buying smartphones or tablets or you are just saying, as far as brand power goes, as long as apple wins.

The top 20% of income households control 80% of the wealth.

Effectively, apple controls those people from a technology standpoint.

While everyone talks about apple pricing too high and android is taking a ton of market share away, the reality is almost everyone that matters economically is carrying an apple product and moving the tablet -- three quarters were done off of tablets, specifically apple tablet.

I do not know if you met in the green room, but the ceo was saying people are willing to spend $7,000, $10,000 on diamond earrings, beijing -- basically purchased off a smartphone.

Two thirds of commerce growth will come out of households making $100,000 or more.

It is kind of sad, but when you look at the income disparity and inequality continuing to accelerate in the u.s., the brand that controls the interface to this wealthy population controlling more and more income will win.

It will have more power in the echo system.

Android powers -- they own four percent of the stocks.

There is not a lot of economic power there.

Apple is at the helm of the bobsled.

Their strategy going after the wealthy user, that strategy is showing it is paying dividends.

If apple is clearly a winner, who is a loser?

In general, social media.

The data that caught my attention was a less than one percent of online sales driven by social media.

The traffic from social media drove only one percent of online sales.

People say that is not a fair comparison.

Social media is about brand awareness.

You still are harassed by advertising.

Quest you would think more than 100 people are on facebook and see that product and go to the site and buy it.

It looks like it is just not that powerful part of the echo system, whereas google, 40% of search revenues come from key term buys.

That is tricky.

If you are going on google and typing in the watch, chances are you are ready to buy that anyway.

Nobody made the decision and now it is a question of will make this easier for me and ship it to me faster or who will give me points for some future gift i want to buy.

You have already made the decision.

When you are fooling around social media, you might actually just be there to check in on your end and not be in a shopping mentality.

I've we talk about marketing, the funnel.

The top is a basic crude awareness, slapping things on a billboard not worth that much beer that is where social media appears to be.

Go further down the funnel where google is, and right to the finish line where amazon is.

The device controlling the bottom of that funnel with wealthy people is apple.

Point taken.

Great to see you.

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