'Game of Thrones’ Fuels HBO in Battle With Netflix

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June 16 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Jonathan Erlichman looks at HBO’s push to build viewers with the season four finale of “Game of Thrones” as the network seeks to entice subscribers with original programing and hold off threats from Netflix and streaming services. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “In The Loop.”

"game of thrones." it came to a bloody end in the finale last night.

Jon erlichman is in l.a. with more on the program.

The last episode is all about keeping viewers talked.

Don't spoil it for us.

[laughter] noi, never.

We tried to guess last week what would happen and we thought there was some blood and there was.

People who watch the show no it definitely gets bloody.

There were lots and twists of turns with this show.

It's what makes it one of the most-watched rogue runs on television.

It is also what makes it one of the most important shows in the history of hbo.

Right now, this is an important time for hbo.

People have netflix undercutting their cable and this is a is missed that is still so closely tied to the world of pay tv.

They get paid a lot of money from the cable providers to make their programming essentially exclusively available through pay-tv.

The cable companies are hoping on big shows the same way that hbo fans are open on big shows.

At least with this one, they've got the numbers to back it up.

What kind of investment has hbo made in this series?

We talk a lot these days about how netflix has spent a lot of money on its original programming.

In this show, we should not talk about it as a show.

We are really talking about a movie cut up into different pieces.

There are millions of dollars that are spent on each episode.

If you add that up over the course of the season, you are easily talking between 50 and $60 million that can go into the production budget.

That does not even include all the promotional and marketing material that goes along with the show.

I think there is a willingness to spend big when shows are bringing in the numbers.

This becomes a big factor at the corporate level.

Time warner cable -- time warner is a company that generates $30 billion in revenue last year but yet the ceo routinely talks on the conference call about this show because it has been a driver in their video sales unit.

It creates a lot of buzz as well for time warner.

Give us a sense of the viewers and how big this show is versus netflix.

Netflix does not share viewers with us.

Hbo has always been a little salty on the fact that they have generally been willing to share these numbers and felt pressure long ago to share them.

In the case of "game of thrones" we get into the double digits of millions and people compare it these days to "walking dead." i think they are very pleased to share numbers whereas netflix does not share numbers because their way of saying a lot of people are watching this.

We know piracy is a big deal with this program as we were discussing last week.

On some levels, hbo is ok with that because they feel getting the word out is a way to get more people to sign up for the subscription and more money they can share with the cable providers.

How come streaming content does not include "game of thrones?" /] because this show is still on the upswing and there are at least two more seasons hbo is committed to, they feel there is a lot of money still on the table.

You are right, amazon cut a big deal recently with hbo for a lot of library content including "the sopranos." hbo has been willing to sell their old programming.

These days, fewer people are buying dvds and more people want digital contents of a cut that deal and because of the rise of "game of thrones."

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