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March 5 (Bloomberg) –- House Flipper and Designer Jeff Lewis discusses his Bravo TV reality show “Flipping Out.” He speaks with Matt Miller on Bloomberg Television’s “Street Smart.” (Source: Bloomberg)

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We were talking about this morning's show and a lot of people who did not watch it were amazed that you've been doing this throughout the crisis, and successfully.

Nobody was flipping homes in 2008, 2009, 2010. a number could be three people.

But you were doing it.

I know i sort of watching your show in 2009, 2010. you were doing it.

I was doing it, and doing it well.

At the bottom fell out and i had to reinvent myself and i used my show as a platform to promote my design business.

That made sense.

What do i do?

I do construction and design.

We are seeing here a little bit of the show, and you have a couple of people who work with you.

I was wondering if you brought jenny, but i guess she is not here.

What is it about this cast that everybody loves?

I think, to have a good show, first and foremost, you have to have chemistry.

These people i've worked with for years and years, as long as 12 years some of them, and if you don't relate to me, you relate to someone in the cast.

The show is relatable and there is real chemistry.

One of the interesting things is that unlike other reality shows, you are all on.

You have been the made -- main character in the show for a long time, whereas housewives come and go.

Does patty still have her show?

She does.

She has different guest on all the time, but your show is about you and your relationship with those people.

It is, but as much as i'm in the forefront and it revolves around my life, i don't want to underestimate the characters.

Everybody that works for me, they are big personalities.

They are very likable.

I think it is almost like seinfeld in that, that is the secret.

It really is an ensemble cast.

And all these people really work for me.

It is real.

Though he really lives with me, which i know a strange, because i'm almost 44 years old.

I think that is one of the reasons we've been around for seven seasons now.

We stayed very true to the story.

Last season, it was drama heavy.

It was not really what i would have wanted, but it was not a good year for me.

This year, it's different.

It's like, fun.

-- it is light and fun.

Business is good.

And patty is the billionaire matchmaker.

She has taken this reality show and made it work for her and parlayed it into multiple streams of income, which is exactly what i have done.

There are very few of us that have actually done it in a smart way.

For me, this has been multiple streams of income.

I do design consultations, speaking engagements, product lines.

I just took a big creative director position for a furniture line in the west coast.

We take advantage of the opportunities, and that is what cap does.

-- what patty does.

But fewer entre nous worse.

We do not do this to get on tv and get recognized.

-- you are on screen worse.

We do not do this to get on tv and get recognized.

We are there for the money.

I feel like everyone else is doing it for fame.

Fax i'm looking at the other shows that you have here -- i'm looking at the other shows that you have here.

Million dollar listing is very popular here in new york.

And the millionaire matchmaker, everyone has at least heard of it.

Does patty ever try to find you a match?

She has tried to get me on her show, and i've declined.

She also try to set up jenny before she found her second husband.

I was telling you when you came on set that i love your show.

And you said, if i had a dollar for every straight guy that has said that.

It is not the demographic that you expect.

You are doing construction projects, renovations, seeing things through rum start to finish.

I get away with it because i've got releases.

Knock on wood, there have not been too many lawsuits.

But what are you going to do?

What else is going to happen?

You mention your creative director for another company.

You mentioned that you've got a design consult for someone here in new york.

What do you see for jeff lewis?

When the housing market crashed, i had one stream of income that completely dried up.

And i will never, ever be in a position again.

I had all my eggs in one basket.

What i learned about this is to save a little bit more money this time around.

And i also learned that i don't want to rely on one stream of income.

I have done my best to create six or seven streams of income, so if one dries up, i have six others.

But the one that left you high and dry at first is doing well again, right?

I'm not flipping.


Because my design business is lucrative and i have paychecks every friday whereas before i got five to seven a year.

And there is no risk.

There is no need for me to risk my money in flipping homes.

But you still have your finger on the pulse of the housing market.


And i'm still doing my personal investing, i'm just not flipping.

And when i'm hired to go into someone's home, i will not spend their money needlessly.

Especially if someone is hiring me to fix up their house to sell.

I look at who is buying houses

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