`Fat Jew’: The Skinny on a Social Media Sensation

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Aug. 29 (Bloomberg) –- Actor, TV Personality and Writer “Fat Jew” discusses what it takes to be a social media sensation and brand endorsements. He speaks on "Street Smart." (Source: Bloomberg)

Pretty penny.

Here he is, the man himself, the fat jew.


You walk down the street like this?


Do people recognize you?

Yes, some of them are european force.

Do they want pictures?

I've had people say, hold my baby.

You have gotten this really significant following on social media falls down how did you do it?

Is a combination of things.

You need to be awesome.

You need to have like a giant vertical ponytail or something like that.

You need to post stuff that people want to see.

That might just be it.

What kind of awesome stuff are you posting that you find goes really viral?

Sometimes i put up just funny photos.

It is a tough day.

It is not at me, necessarily.

Whether it is shooting burritos out of a t-shirt cannon, i was doing the stuff before.

You do just because you liked it.

There were no money, there were no smartphones.

So, brands are coming to you.

They are saying, hey, we want your endorsement.

That's right.

Now it has gotten to the point where it is large-scale rants.

It is at&t. i prefer to do stuff with smaller brands.

The money is better.

I would rather have like a small beef jerky brand.

They will let me do a lot.

A couple of guys that want the beef jerky, they will make me a leather jacket out of beach jerky -- beef jerky.

Where'd you go now?

What happens?

I don't know.

My dad wanted me to be a dentist.

Somehow i ended up with this.

The brands are letting me do what i want.

They used to be, it was too much.

Now, the kids who were born out of the internet, they have seen it all.

When i am in a hot tub full of walk him only for taco bell kids say, that is cool.

What do you think the craziest thing is you have done?

Do you mean in my life?

We don't have enough time today.

I probably cannot say it on the show.

The craziest thing i've done, i have gotten rolled up into a giant burrito.

I had a man to carry me around in a baby bjorn.

The list goes on and on.

Have a terrific weekend, everyone.

Enjoy your labor day.

I will see you tuesday for a

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