`Ender's Game' Kicks Off Holiday Box Office

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Nov. 1 (Bloomberg) -- Fandango's Erik Davis previews this year's holiday box office season. He speaks with Adam Johnson and Julie Hyman on Bloomberg Television's "Street Smart." (Source: Bloomberg)

Behind media, entertainment, and pop-culture.

Hollywood had its best summer ever.

And in october to remember, thanks to astronauts lost in space.

Coming up, a holiday season at the box office, singh was of oscar buzz thanks to more attendants.

-- and oscar buzz thanks to more attendants.

Let sorted out with eric davis.

Early sales are looking great for "ender's game." it is at the top of our anticipation list.

We pull in content from web traffic to social awareness to ticket sales.

I read some reviews.

It does not look that fantastic.

Come on.

And i minerd -- i'm a nerd.

What is the hook?

It's a brainy, sci-fi movie.

We get these big budget movies.

This one has a lot of smarts in it, a lot that younger kids can take away from it.

It's a little cold, though.

It's about child soldiers in a futuristic environment.

It has a lot of cool themes and messages in it.

The consequences of warfare, leadership.

It is something that kids can take away and apply some of these themes to their everyday lives.

You made an interesting comment about the fundnagoango meter.

You're going out to the different social media outlets and trying to find out where the buzz is, right?

Searching for words, whether it is google trends are what is trending on twitter, etc.

Trying to find out what everybody is talking about.

This week, it is "ender's game." none of the other releases are encouraging its lead.

"that grandpa, -- "bad grandpa," last week's box office numbers may beat it.

Somewhere between $50 million and $20 million?

That is pretty good.

-- $15 million and $20 million.

That is pretty good.

This has got nature men this amount of critical acclaim.

-- nature men this amount of critical acclaim -- a tremendous amount of critical acclaim.

This is a powerful film.

There are a lot of hard scenes to watch in it.

I compare it to "saving private ryan." it is a true story.

It is a harsh look back at american history, but it is a powerful film, one that the performances are just astounding.

I really like it.

You can argue that is a real horse story, but hollywood put out surprisingly few pretend horror stories -- horror story, but hollywood put out surprisingly few pretend horror stories.

Not a lot of horror movies.

A lot of people are saying, this is the best horror movie that came out in october.

"gravity" is a thrill ride.

If you are looking for something that gets you on the edge of your seat, there are plenty of theaters that do that.

We took the whole team from "street smart" and went to the imax 3-d, watch this movie.

I know it has been the best release any opening weekend.

It is very much of a 3-d movie, but with a one-dimensional plot line.

What has been so intriguing to people?

As a group, we did not respond to it.

It's a combination of a film that really looks awesome on the big screen, and one that keeps you on the edge of your seat.

I called it the ultimate stuck in a pickle movie.

She is literally stuck in one pickle after the next.

That really holds your attention.

People are walking out and they're like, that was an awesome moviegoing experience.

Let's talk about the holiday box office.

What are going to be some of the big winners there?

"ender's game" starts off this week, and then "thor" next week.

I do not think "thor" will do as much as "iron man 3." after that, "the hunger games" catches fire.

Early estimates, this could be our highest advance ticket seller of all time.

It will do better than the first one.

It will break records, tracking to break "twilight." it is tracking at $160 million right now.

This movie will do bonkers.

Now that harry potter is gone, now that "twilight" is gone, it is "the hunger games." when you talk about advanced sales, how far the desk and people going to fandango and purchase tickets?

For thor and hunger games, we were in early october.

For these big movies, we are backing it up more and more every time just because the demand is out there and people really want to buy their tickets months in advance because they know that opening weekend is going to be a circus and they want to see it with their friends.

"bad grandpa" kind of indicative of r-rated comedy.

Is not a lot of r-rated comedies coming out.

They have vince vaughn in "deliveryman." they come out in the summertime.

It's a very popular season for summer.

I think r-rated comedies are doing well because they are great films that both guys and girls can go to on dates.

They're good for us to go with a group of friends.

You come out feeling good, you're laughing.

Everyone loves a happy ending.

Eric davis of fandango, thank you for being here.

Coming up next, a lot of

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