See the $1,300 Drone That Can Take Your 'Dronie' Selfies

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Sept. 2 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg Businessweek's Brad Stone tries out the $1,300 drone that can take your picture. (Source: Bloomberg)

-- dronies, using a drone to take a skyhigh selfie.

Brad stone and i took it for a spin.

Let's do it.

What have we got?

This is somewhat inexpensive, somewhat dangerous, but a fun toy.

It is the phantom to vision plus.

It costs about $1300 and is a drone.

You have a camera on the bottom that you fly, you have a great controller here and you take videos.

So, tell me about dronies.

Those seem to be the next big thing.

Perhaps here in silicon valley.

It is the drone version of a selfie.

You fly your expensive drone into the air and take a picture of yourself.

It is not the easiest thing to do.

You have been working on this for a few weeks.

[laughter] it is not easy to configure.

They could make it more user-friendly.

Practice is rewarded.

I have made the mistake of flying it without practice and i have had some unfortunate crashes.

I have heard of others who have lost their drones in the bay.

I think that there is a whole class of journalists who bought these, did not take the time and experimented with them and lost their investment as a result.

What about as marketing?

I have seen dronies from burning man this year.

I would call of -- call it more of a fad than the thing.

I wonder if we are going to be doing this next year.

All right, let's give it a try.

I'm impressed.

[laughter] ok, ok, landing.

Here we go.


Captain, drone pilot reporting for duty.

[laughter] seriously, are these things just gimmicks?

Do they have real commercial appeal?

They do.

Real estate agents are using them to do flyovers on properties.

These are small and relatively affordable.

Mining companies are using them.

The military, of course, and this is just a low-end.

Not to mention the enthusiast who are buying these.

I will say that i tried to deliver an amazon package with this and it does not work.

All right, here is to our first drone.

Joining me now, the drone pilot himself.

Brad stone, we did it.

You did it.

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