@Chipotletweets Fakes a Hack Attack

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July 25 (Bloomberg) -- Carol Massar reports on Chipotle faking a hack attack as an unconventional marketing ploy. She speaks on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

Chipotle does things its own way.

What happens?

It is definitely a trademark of the company.

Last week, it's twitter account appeared to be hacked but it was all a hoax.

It was another unconventional way to market itself.

This is a company that does not rollout big national tv ad campaigns.

This twitter hacking stunt was reported yesterday.

As it was explained to day, they said this was something we orchestrated as a broader 20th anniversary promotion.

Every day for 20 days, they are including puzzles.

We embedded one of those answers and a string of 13 tweets of gibberish to get people talking about the twitter feet and make the close easier to find.

It says it is something big orchestrated and the twitter feed was under their control the entire time.

I'd love to meet some chipotle.

There is always a line out the door.

Do they need to do this to get attention?

Do you go -- you go to the ones around the city and they do have lines.

Chris arnold told me it achieved what they hoped it would.

He says the aim was to spark conversation and to call attention to that strength of tweeds that would be relatively easier for people to find the answer to the puzzle and did did that.

He says many people were on to what they were doing.

Buzz feed had a headline out sunday that either to public does not know how to use twitter or they know exactly how to.

But with her account was a stream of consciousness, a research for an avocado store in colorado.

There tweets received more than 3700 new tweets per hour and that is what leveraged their brand.

We will talk later to an expert who says this smacks of desperation.

Did this really work?

Cit public came out with earnings and their numbers are strong -- chipotle came out with earnings and the numbers are strong.

They did add more than 4000 followers that day of the hack compared to 250 followers per day.

It is unconventional but it garnered them more followers than i think they should get out 3 burritos.

They did.

Thank you.

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