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Dec. 6 (Bloomberg) – Yota CEO Vlad Martynov unveils his company’s new smartphone, the yotaphone, that let’s users interact with their phones in a different way. He speaks to Ryan Chilcote and Mark Barton on Bloomberg Television’s “Countdown.” (Source: Bloomberg)


I have a smart phone.

This came out earlier this week.

It cost 500 euros.

On the face of it, it looks like a normal android phone.

The screen right there, 720 p. what is unique is that you click through it.

Let's see if we can show it on the screen.

Let's say that you want to read a book, you flip on the application and press the button and on the other side it has -- it is ink -- e-ink, isn't it?


You can continue to resist ford days -- read this this for days and days.

They are pretty impressed.

They have talked to the ceo.

Let's bring him in.

Ryan will join this chat.

Thank you for joining us.

Good morning.

Ryan has been demonstrating this new phone.

I am sure you could have demonstrated it in a far better way but we will give some credit to ryan for achieving that.

Do you think that you can take on the likes of the other galaxy phones and the apple iphone?

As a matter of fact, we have created a new type of device.

Just because we have always on second screen back side of the phone.

In addition to reading, but this can be not just for a newspaper.

You can express yourself by putting different types of images are whatever you prefer.

You can get notifications in a completely new way.

The notification stay there as long as you need so you don't miss the important message.

In addition, we introduced very interesting software which converts the text messages into images.

You have much more emotional images.

This is much more than just reading.

It is a completely new way how the users interact with smartphones.

Making money aside, i still have to ask you what possessed you to do this because you had to know you're up against the likes of apple.

Russia is not known as a high- tech hub.

There are investors that are hot on russian text but the general public would be a bit surprised.

Were you trying to prove something here?

What is that about?

First of all, we have a pretty cool idea, we believe.

That is why we decided to go forward with a smartphone project.

I think today in a global market, there is no nationality for any project.

I am sure the apple project done by chinese, russians, americans, all kinds of engineers.

The same for our company.

We have manufacturing and cigna pour and we have strong russian software team which creates software for the products.

I think this is a diverse global team.

They are very important.

There is a system that really takes advantage of this dual screen capability.

We already did quite well.

Today is about 60. we also open the tools for the android community.

We have a number of applications for the second which is always on display.

One of the applications that brian just demonstrated was done by dashed we partner with different other developers who brought by gay special maps solution where you can put your map on the backside and if you are running out of batteries, the maps will last longer.

We will continue bringing new applications because we believe that this is 80% or 90% of the success of our product and this is real value that we create.

The whole magically create for consumer applications.

I know you just started selling it.

This is a nice chunky phone.

How are sales going?

Pretty good.

Yes, we launched it two days ago and we had about 10,000 pre- orders.

We have a lot of demand from europe.

We started sales for the online.

The next quarter, we will add the uk.

We are going to sell in more than 20 countries.

Being a small start up, we did not have the resources to approach and do a lot of sales.

Basically we talked to many carriers or retailers.

We were lucky enough because those distributors who bring our product right now to europe, they came to us and said, we love your product and we would like to bring this to consumers in this country.

Really quickly, are you going to sell this in the u.s.? if not, why not?

A few reasons.

First of all it will take tremendous amount of time and resources for us as a relatively small company to deal with big giant carriers.

It is very big pressure and a lot of resources.

We decided to go a slightly different way.

We want to keep focus and use our resources very carefully.

The last thing, very important, this is the first generation.

There was some down side of things would like to improve in the second generation.

This is for the people that are open for something new.

We think we need to go step-by- step rather than to go broadly in all countries.

Good luck to you as all.

Do come back to chat with us

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