'Anchorman 2’ Marketing Machine Sets New Precedent

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Dec. 6 (Bloomberg) -- DJ Edgerton, CEO at Zemoga, discusses the marketing campaign behind the film “Anchorman 2” on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.”

New age and marketing?

He is the ceo of digital agency, did anchorman 2 completely destroy traditional movie marketing for every e -- forever?

There has been an enormous amount of impact.

His is a team effort, obviously.

We are one of many organizations working on this.

It all starts with a really great product.

This film is really funny, paramount has done a great job.

Is that mean will ferrell drives the bus when it comes to this kind of promotion?

Plex i would say the ideation comes from their product -- i would say the ideation comes from their product.

This is the first film -- when it came out, facebook did not even exist.

Now it is almost a byproduct.

I am fascinated by -- most of us cannot stand doing the stuff.

He is front and center.

Does he have an equity interest in the movie?

Clock's i think his -- i think his motivation is multifaceted.

His organization is probably one of the greatest web properties out there.

The production company is unbelievable.

Jet set is going to make a lot of money from his unique and original efforts.

I think they will make a lot of money.

He is a natural fit for this because of his background in improv.

This could massage the next wave of movie marketing paid could other talents step up and do the same thing?

Clock's that is one of the greatest lessons here, -- that is one of the greatest lessons here.

Traditionally actors will the film and when the film was done the actor was no longer -- they moved onto the next project.

This is proof that the social currency that that particular individual has and the zealots that are out there that are true friends -- true fans when they are not on screen -- they can continue their influence.

Doesn't it take a particular individual?

Some would not be able to handle and deal with it.

It takes a particular interesting character in order to be able to do this.

Without question.

Justin timberlake is a perfect example of someone who is able to reinvent himself because he was able -- but he is a terrible actor.

He has gotten better.

He's riffing on himself.

That is the important thing.

There is a not that -- and authenticity that does not really come through.

Once the audience knows you're being authentic, there is an enormous amount of zealots that promote.

We talked everyday about apple, facebook, samsung.

Applying this social media, who is the upper came right now?

-- who is the king right now?

It is still evil thing.

I think our choice -- first of all to give us the ability to leverage platforms out there, the work we are doing is pretty impressive.

To become part of the narrative of this -- not only prior to the film coming out but after the film is coming out, the mean generator, there are millions of means that help facilitate it.

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