#Amazoncart: Hashtag Shopping With Twitter, Amazon

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May 6 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Hans Nichols reports on Twitter and Amazon joining forces to provide mobile shopping access via hashtag on Bloomberg Television’s “The Pulse.”

Is just around your corner.

Amazon and twitter asked for people to put their wishes into their shopping baskets.

Hans nichols, how does it work?

It is impulse buying.

What is meant to do is buy something or put something in your cart.

It lowers a transition cost.

From you deciding something and getting your credit card number out and paying for it.

You see something you like and later, when you checkout, you can decide if you want to purchase it.

If you're amazon cart looks like mine, you put more things in there than you checkout.

Amazon is not paying anything and twitter is not getting anything.

What they get is the ability for you to go to their advertisers and saying that people will buy easier on twitter and you should advertise with us.

Francine, is a great story and it is quite trained to -- tragic.

Amazon has been quite reluctant to go to social media.

What was the hold up?

Have they changed their mind?

He wanted to safeguard his data that he has and it appears that he is willing to sell a little bit of the data to get -- not sell the data, part with the data, to have people do impulse buying.

A quick question for you, when you go shopping, do you use the shopping basket?

Do you use a shopping cart?


It is a shopping cart.

It implies that the americans spend more.

They have a cart.



let's see how european markets are trading, jonathan ferro.

Thank you.

Let's have that story.

The dax is down and the cac is down.

The ftse has been lower this morning.

If you are looking at the fx, 139.17. better than expected.

The anti-and services data is better than expected.

We are seeing a sizable move

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